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OH JOY, SUNDAY POST for December 17, 2017

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I watched a documentary last night by the Labor Secretary for the Clinton admin, Robert Reich. He’s been in the business of working for the government for 50 years. The film was about his recent book and economic problems with the United States.

He spent an hour explaining the problems and five minutes on the solution. My question is: He had 50 years to fix it. What the fuck?

But beyond all the bullshit there is a silver lining. We have the best of the best and it’s the holidays. This is the most magical time of the year. Enjoy it.

We will fix everything else next year…

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Police Violate Fourth Amendment Rights In Routine Traffic Stop of Club Member

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A December 2016 traffic stop in Austin, Texas, is getting lots of views on social media lately. In a video posted on the Motorcycle Profiling Project’s Facebook page1 a motorcycle club member is detained after a police officer observed him neglecting to use a turn signal on his motorcycle. That traffic violation amounted to probable cause to pull the motorcycle rider over. Once detained, the traffic stop took on a whole new perspective.

A traffic stop in essence is a seizure because the driver is not allowed to leave after committing a traffic violation. Once detained, certain Fourth Amendment rights apply to the rider regarding search and seizure. Almost at the top of the video the officer explains that the rider is not under arrest and he is not going to receive a citation. At that point, unless the officer observed any other criminal activity, had reasonable suspicion that the rider had committed a crime or was about to commit a crime, the rider should have been free to leave.

Instead, the law enforcement officer insisted on taking photographs of the rider, including asking him to remove his vest and shirt so any chest or back tattoos could be photographed. When this video appeared, there was instant outrage at the police activity, accusations of profiling, and many questions about the legality of this traffic stop and the photographing of the rider.
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I’m confused about many things and Cuba didn’t help.I had guides who loved Fidel or were forced to love Fidel. I had guides who new doctors who couldn’t feed their families.

But it’s Christmas and so much in Cuba is representative of America. Our old cars are displayed on every tourist gift. You can feel America and freedom all over the country. It’s as if you can never stop people from dreaming and hoping Freedom will return.

I was also told the Trump changes to travel were insignificant, but because our media made a big deal out of it, less folks are attempting to travel there.

I watched the Specter James Bond movie last night. You need to check the last line of the movie. James returns to Q’s garage and Q says,”What are you doing here.”

James replies, “I just need one thing.” The next scene shows him riding away in the original, restored Austin Martin. I wish our congress got it. It’s not about saving the planet 24/7. We need our cool cars and choppers to survive.

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THE CUBAN ESCAPE SUNDAY POST for December 10, 2017

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Just returned from Cuba, which is the size of Florida.It’s ridiculous we didn’t end up with that island, but we fucked it up. Unlike England we have never been good at governing outside entities. Take a look at what we are doing in Porto Rico and Haiti. Ridiculous. Both of these places should be beautiful and represent the quality of America, but our government never took the class or failed and never took it again.

Here’s another wild point. Here’s a country the size of Florida with little or no EPA restrictions. So, it’s okay for our government to restrict the living shit out of our lives and put whole industries out of business for the planet, and well, you get the picture.

Otherwise the Cuban people are cool but confused. They’ve been told a line of crap by Fidel for 55 years, that rich people are bad, so nobody in Cuba is rich except Fidel. It wasn’t until he died that a person could own their home. Doctors make so little they drive a cab after hours to make enough money. Crazy.

Let’s get to the news. Just recently folks in Cuba can now get entertainment from the outside world including CNN. Let’s see what happens next.


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BANDIT IS F.I.C.K.L.E. BIKERNET NEWS for December 7 2017

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Bandit is still in Cuba. I am here with the rest of the Bikernet crew holding down Bikernet Headquarters. Making sure this machine stays well oiled and is going strong upon his return. I thought I’d speak to Bandit for a moment in the language he has become accustomed(Cuban colloquialisms and Spanish) to over the last week. I have also uploaded some Cuban slang for you to look over in case you should need it for interpretation upon his return.
Tranquilo Bandito,
Estoes un paquete, pero….(This is hard to swallow, but…) Tu eres guayabitos en la azotea.(You’re crazy.) Se formó un relajo.(Things got out of hand.) ¡Regresa a casa ya!(Come home already!)
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Norton 650 cc Twin Engine Motorcycle In The Works

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Norton Motorcycles is working on a 650 cc motorcycle model which will be especially targeted at the high volumes market, especially in the Asian region, including India. Speaking to media on the sidelines of the joint venture announcement with Kinetic MotoRoyale, Norton Motorcycles CEO Stuart Garner said that the 650 cc motorcycle will be more powerful than the current Norton Dominator and Norton Commando; both powered by a 961 cc parallel-twin engine. The 650 cc parallel-twin engine, which is being developed in-house, will make around 100 bhp, says Garner.

Norton already has an agreement to make 650 cc engines for Chinese firm Zongshen, but the new 650 cc engine has been developed in-house for Norton, and will be more powerful, making around 100 bhp. In comparison, the 961 cc parallel-twin of the Dominator and the Commando makes just around 79 bhp. In the joint venture announcement today in New Delhi, Norton said that the company is already working on a new range of engines and platforms which will be shared with Kinetic MotoRoyale in subsequent years. Hopefully, the new 650 cc engines will be part of this new range of bikes.

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THE SUNDAY POST for December 3, 2017

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I’ve been thinkin’ about it. If I really wanted to, I could complain about the deal that I’ve been given this week (Bandit livin’ it up in 80 degree Cuba, while we’re all freezin’ and working our butts off). I’m not going to complain because if you want to be someone to be relied upon, you must be reliable in sticky situations. I know Bandit is a stand-up bum and if I needed him he would bend over backward to help me. What do you think?

I’ll tell you what I am going to do, I am going to have my old ball and chain go to the liquor store for some tequila. I’ll work, and then when I’m done I’ll have it on ice and relax the rest of the night. Who’s in? If you’re not joining me now for some tequila, I bet you’ll have warmed up to the idea before the end of the Sunday Post.

Let’s get to it and don’t forget the password.

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The holiday spirit is high this year.We were hit with pre-Thanksgiving deals, Black Friday offers, Cyber Monday attractions and all-new giving Tuesday specials. Wow!

According to the Wall Street Journal retail sales over the Thanksgiving weekend weren’t bad, although most stores curbed their orders this year. Actually they don’t know. They’re just guessing…

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2nd Annual Sons of Speed Race

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More than a dozen vintage-powered race bikes re-created the board track races of the early 20th Century at the second Sons of Speed race on October 21. The event took place at New Smyrna Speedway during the Daytona Beach, Florida’s Biketoberfest.

Billy runs a heat in period gear.

This fresh yet nostalgic race event, instigated by Billy Lane of Choppers Inc., first ran in March of this year during Daytona Bike Week on New Smyrna’s banked half-mile asphalt track. That time, Brittney Olson took first, followed by Matt Harris in second and Shelly Rossmeyer-Pepe in third. Olsen sat out this round while her bike was being repaired but acted as Grand Marshal for this day.

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