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Interesting. There are two hard and fast rules: Everything is changing all the time. And everything comes and ultimately goes (starts and ends guaranteed). We struggle against both and it’s of no use.

Buzz Kanter from American Iron said of the industry, “The notion of safety has taken over. No one wants to deal with risk.” That safety concept is fighting against the laws of nature.

New landing page coming to Bikernet next week.
New landing page coming to Bikernet next week.

About the time they might think Safety is the shit, it will change. The producers of Sons of Anarchy are about to launch their Mayhem series. I’m pitching the Bandit’s Cantina series. We don’t need more overt violence in every episode lowering society’s notion of clubs even more. But what the hell do I know, except change is everywhere and it won’t stop.

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Rider RoundUp at the Paramount Ranch

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The Rider Round Up at the Ranch was the second year celebration of Exile Cycles’ 20th Anniversary Party held at Paramount Ranch the year before, now continuing on an annual basis. And again it was a benefit to raise money to Fight Leukemia by auctioning off products and services, together with money donated by the Vendors and Sponsors, this year raising $7000 for the Cause.

The 2nd event this October had the Calendar Show’s Calendar Bike Building Championship joining the Rider RoundUp at the Ranch produced by celebrity Calendar Bike builder Russell Mitchell and wife Rachel / Exile Cycles at the Paramount Western Movie Ranch in Agoura, CA, just down the road from the legendary Southern California biker hangout The Rock Store on Mulholland Highway.
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TURMOIL SUNDAY POST for January 7, 2018

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This feels like Turmoil weekend with Trump attacking the marijuana industry, the HORSE magazine troubles, Easyriders deal shifted and the Chopper King Show in jeopardy.

Hell, three women melted down before my eyes on Friday. Jeremiah blamed it on the Super Moon. Let me know if you’ve experienced upheaval in your life this week.

Let’s hit the news.



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This is a year to think out of the box. I just watched a George Clooney movie, “Michael Clayton,” which I enjoyed tremendously. So many movies follow the same story line, like Bright. I’m losing interest. The bad guy kills everyone but the good guy throughout the movie. He’s cunning and ruthless and can kill anyone and everyone, except the good guy and his side kick. Movie after movie follows the same premise.

I also notice lots of movies about weak women. One wink and a glance and her clothes fall off. How about a movie about a woman who is true?

So, out of the box for 2018. I’m working with Hugh King on a new build internet TV series about regular guys who want their bikes to come to life under the tutelage of the best builders on the planet. This won’t be a fancy ground up build, but an overhaul lesson for younger riders getting started. Show them what’s possible and how to use the tools. Hang on for more reports.

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NEW YEARS EVE SUNDAY POST for New Years Eve Goddammit

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It’s that time of the year or of the next year. This day is extremely meaningful to me, almost more than any other day of the year. It represents the gift of another year.

Sure, party and relax tomorrow. Watch a few games, but then a new year begins, so be prepared. I joke to kids about something being the “Chance of a Lifetime.” Everyone laughs, but I’m serious as a heart attack.

This year holds another “Chance of a lifetime,” to make a difference in your life. You could go back to school, quit smoking, escape a bad relationship, quit drinking, hit the gym, build the bike of your dreams, write a book, start a business or…?

Step back and ponder each one of those opportunities. Close your eyes and imagine later in the year and accomplishing even one of them. Think about how it would change your life. It’s no bullshit.

Let’s hit the news and at the end I will outline my goals for next year. I expect you to hold me to each one. Get ‘em done or die trying…

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This happens every year. I start with a pared down goals short list for the next year, like I’m going to kick back and ride more. Then shit starts to pile up or float to the surface. Opportunities arise and doors open.

For instance, one of my mom’s best friends, Nancy Davis, told me about a book notion and I was intrigued. The more I was around her, the more her ideas popped to the surface. I’m sorta like that. I always have or will find a positive solution.

On the way back from Indio, California I went over my notes with the Redhead and I believe I’m going to start writing another Chance book based around Nancy’s notion. Hang on for the first chapter, which I plan to run in Bandit’s Cantina.

Don’t miss checking our Michael Lichter’s new web site. He was just at the Mooneyes show in Japan. Don’t miss the Sheriff’s story.

Here’s the list as it stands for 2018. In January I’m headed to Carson City, Nevada to pick up the Salt Torpedo. I’m going to reconfigure my shop and build a custom lift to hold this puppy while we prepare it for the Salt in September at the International Motorcycle Speed Trials. I hope Bikernet can be a media sponsor for this year.

The work will be hot and heavy in the shop this year. I’m also going to finish my little motorcycle screenplay and give it to someone, anyone who might make a movie out of it. I’m also working with Kellie Fish to maybe get one of my other books made into a film. We’ll see.

We are going to change up the Bikernet landing page some and keep the content and techs flowing.

With the help of Tony Spinalli I’m going to complete my first bronze sculpture for the annual Hamster Charity effort and hopefully part of the proceeds will go to the Rapid City Children’s Hospital and part to the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum. Hang on for more reports on this effort.

I hope that’s it. It won’t be dull, that’s for sure.


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Mooneyes 26th, YOKOHAMA JAPAN

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Mooneyes Yokohama is the United Nations for all Custom builders worldwide. This year with six bikes from Indonesia and one Swedish killing the competition.
For a visitor nine hours of show crazy, Shige-San make such a big effort should be two days if possible. From my visits 09,11,12 and this year I see that motor-cycles is dominating the show. Would like the bikes in one place instead of spread out. The work on each bike is so amazing so I like to compare without running all over. Vendors could be outside of main event hall. Even some of the cars could be parked next to the building there is a roof…
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NCOM Coast To Coast Biker News for December 2017

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THE AIM/NCOM MOTORCYCLE E-NEWS SERVICE is brought to you by Aid to Injured Motorcyclists (A.I.M.) and the National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM), and is sponsored by the Law Offices of Richard M. Lester. If you’ve been involved in any kind of accident, call us at 1-(800) ON-A-BIKE or visit


Compiled & Edited by Bill Bish,

National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM)

After a mistrial was declared in the first Twin Peaks case to go to trial in over two years, a spring 2018 trial date has been set for the first defendant to go back on trial in the deadly shootout. The retrial date for Christopher “Jake” Carrizal, 36, will be April 2, the court coordinator for Waco’s 54th District Court determined.

A mistrial was declared in the case after the jury couldn’t come to any agreement on the three gang-related charges on which Carrizal was indicted in connection with the 2015 shootout involving police and bikers at Waco’s Twin Peaks restaurant.

“At the end of the day they couldn’t, there wasn’t enough evidence that the Dallas Chapter (of the Bandidos MC), and specifically Jake Carrizal, had committed any violence against any person that wasn’t self-defense,” defense attorney Casie Gotro said in response to the ruling.

When leaving the McLennan County Courthouse after the hung jury resulted in mistrial, Carrizal said he knew his battle was only beginning. “We’ll fight it another day,” he said.


In a partnership that will raise the profile of behavioral traffic safety, the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) has announced the launch of a new forum for collaborative research through the Behavioral Traffic Safety Cooperative Research Program (BTSCRP)……..

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PRE-XMAS SUNDAY POST for December 24, 2017

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Tomorrow is Christmas a wonderful celebration. But I’m excited about next year. We need roll back onto the salt. I need to find a trailer. I need to haul ass back to Paughco and pick up the Salt Torpedo.

I need to rework the shop to make room for the 5-Ball streamlined trike.

I’m also going to wrap up a motorcycle screenplay and send it to the movie gods. I’m also going to reprint my first two books and we are working with a new manufacturer to make our 5-Ball leather line. Then we need to reorder. Out inventory is running low.

There’s more but I need to get the fuck out of here and run to the desert for Xmas.

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I want to wish everyone a very merry Xmas. Like so many businesses in our industry, our budgets have been cut and we weren’t able to send out as many cards to our contributors as we did in the past. Nevertheless our thoughts are with you and we appreciate all of you and all that our readers have done for Bikernet over our almost 24 year run.

Budgets maybe down but the fun isn’t. We are going to outline projects and priorities for 2018 over the next week, new books, new projects, and new TV efforts. Here’s one exciting announcement. We have recently become a bigger sponsor of the SmokeOut in RockingHorse, North Carolina, which will also be sponsored by Hot Bike and Cycle Source in 2018. We will bring you all the hot news for the wildest party on the planet.

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