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Bikernet Rare Indian Feature for a Stellar Steve McQueen Owned 1935 Indian Chief

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I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth.” -Steve McQueen

We are going to attempt to bring Bandit’s Cantina Members more classics coupled with historic info. We need to be culturally balanced between wild shit, boobs, and something from the other side of the tracks, namely historic motorcycles.


We are very fortunate to bring you a Steve McQueen owned 1935 Indian Chief from the La Quay Motorsports Collection hidden in a small town on the gulf of Mexico. Tim and Linda La Quay are the proprietors, and Tim grew up working for his dad in a gas station on the edge of this dusty town. He fell in love with two things as a young man. Both changed his life forever for the better. He fell in love with Linda, and fell in love with cars and bikes.

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This bike kicked off nearly 10 years ago. The original chassis and mock up built around a Shovelhead designed by Scott Craig.

The bike then slipped into my garage and was worked on periodically over the years to follow. Amazingly I stumbled into Garage company one day. Yoshi, the owner, was offered a 1946 FL Knucklehead engine for a steal. At the time, he had many Knuckleheads, so he was kind enough to pass the deal on to me.


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Evolution of a Custom Motorcycle Builder

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He’s been ‘The Dude,’ ’Jungle Jim,’ ’The Main Event,’ and ‘Custom Chucky P’ in his stellar career as a professional wrestler but Chuck Palumbo is fast becoming well known under his real name as a custom motorcycle builder and co star [with Rick Dore] of ‘Rusted Development’- formerly known as ‘Lords Of The Car Hoards.’

The 6-foot 5-inch hulk, a true gentle giant, has worked his way up through the ranks of the WCW, the WWF, and the WWE but pro wrestling, has always been a means to an end for the man (see the WWE story below). Chuck’s eye was always on another prize: owning his own custom bike shop. The bug bit him early when he and his dad wrenched a little rigid mini bike. Chuck was four. His first serious bike build kicked off in 1990.

Before wrestling fame Chuck was a Navy aviation fabricator working in structural mechanics and executing sheet metal and fuselage repairs; riveting and TIG welding. Then came auto body painting. All this activity obviously put Chuck in a perfect position to one day found Chuck Palumbo Customs.

The first creations Chuck turned out were home garage-built affairs. The blue and white rigid Shovel featured here is an example of what one can do with a garage-build according to Chuck.

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