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Toby Keith to Headline Sturgis Buffalo Chip Freedom Celebration Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue

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Twenty no. 1 Billboard Hot Country Hits and 42 Top Tens make Toby Keith one of America’s most successful artists, and on Thursday, Aug. 8, 2019 fans will have the chance to hear this icon perform many of them live at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip. The performance coincides with the Chip’s 28th annual Freedom Celebration, a fact that is no coincidence. Keith has written and performed several extraordinarily patriotic no. 1 hits, has made several trips to the Middle East to entertain American troops and makes plain that his father was a combat veteran. See the announcement video here:

“Toby Keith has not only produced hit music every year over the past three decades,” said Rod Woodruff, Sturgis Buffalo Chip President, “he has legendary onstage energy. In 2005 when he performed at the Buffalo Chip, he stood up and put on an amazing show through one of the worst thunderstorms we’ve ever witnessed. The audience refused to budge and stood cheering through the rain in total awe of this guy! We couldn’t be happier to have him back to work his magic on the Wolfman Jack Stage.”

Keith’s songs have received more than 91 million BMI performances on commercial radio stations worldwide, and he has sold more than 40 million albums. The awards bestowed on him are too numerous to count and include Billboard’s Artist of the Decade, American Country Awards Artist of the Decade, as well as the ACM’s Career Achievement honor and Entertainer of the Year twice in back-to-back years.

Keith’s addition to the 38th annual Sturgis Buffalo Chip Motorcycle and Music Festival is a indication of the incredible lineup still to be announced. The festival will open with a pre-rally party July 29 – Aug. 1, 2019, with official festival dates running Aug. 2-11, 2019. In addition to Toby Keith, the Buffalo Chip has also announced the performance of country music superstar Keith Urban on Saturday, Aug. 3, 2019, as well as Styx and Collective Soul on Monday, Aug. 5. Fans can expect more band announcements for 2019 in the coming weeks. Concerts and races are free with camping. More information and reservations are available at

Black Friday Deal From Suspension Technology

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Black Hills Series Shocks – Save 25%

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Mechanical Reverse Pulley Save $200

Our American-made and proven Mechanical Reverse Pulley (MRP) is the industry’s leading reverse system for Harley-Davidson’s touring models. You can park anywhere and reverse out. It’s simple to use and is on Black Friday special today. CLICK HERE for Details.


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Get a famous Hal sticker with each order.
Get a famous Hal sticker with each order.

 Red has a tattoo of Bette Boop on his left arm. He lights up a joint as he gets ready to take off to meet his destiny. Old guys rule is his motto. Shirts and prints with Red and Bette and much more by Hal Robinson and Five Ball are still for sale while they last. Get your orders in today in time for the holidays!

–Ann Robinson

Click to buy a Hal T.
Click to buy a Hal T.

Cyber Blacksgiving Weekend Eve Sale At Nash

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Starting now, until the end of this Wednesday, for three days only we’re putting everything at a healthy 25% discount.
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This is to supplement our upcoming Black Friday/Cyber Monday specials, which will discount only a few surprise items. Nasher Newsletter subscribers like you will be notified on Thanksgiving what those deals are.


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We eliminated the zippers from some 5-Ball Leather side pocket, so you can use them and be comfortable. There are plenty of pocket with zippers in our Special Ops Jackets and Vests. Click for action.
We eliminated the zippers from some 5-Ball Leather side pocket, so you can use them and be comfortable. There are plenty of pocket with zippers in our Special Ops Jackets and Vests. Click for action.

Throughout the holidays all leather orders will receive a new Bikernet custom bandana and a signed book with every order, plus Bikernet Bling.

Chance of a lifetime.


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Click for action.

Book Review: Trogs Forever

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Trogs Forever – Kindle Edition
By: John Chavers
Publisher: David Wiggins (August 31, 2018)

A roller coaster ride short stories, everything from a modern-day cowboy range war to a street fight with aliens the author keeps the stories coming. I was intrigued to see the direction of the next story and kept coming back when I had some free time. As I went from story to story I was excited to see what was next, always looking forward to the next hero, the next motorcycle ride, the next damsel in distress or as it may have been, psychopathic bitch. Read more.

Experiences of the Bad

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Hey Boss,

Get that recurring “mung” checked. You never know when an ordinary single cell organism can take down a giant – like HG Wells science fiction from 1897 where Martian Invasion from Outer Space gets stopped because of an ordinary pathogen which has killed all the Martians on Earth.

— to which they had no immunity: “slain, after all man’s devices had failed, by the humblest things that God, in his wisdom, has put upon this earth”. – H G Wells.

Like I told you in August, even when my insurance company denied me the facility, I allowed my doctor to spend a ridiculous 5 figure sum on blood tests and other tests and paid for it by myself. Why? I believed in my doctor and the other reason is – –

There are only 3 eternal investments that have stood the test of time for more than 5000 years of recorded history of mankind:
1. Gold with the purity factor verified
2. Real Estate which can be leased or otherwise be profitable in agriculture or industrial borrowers

Even if you are the richest billionaire in the history of mankind such as Steve Jobs (died of cancer) without health you can’t enjoy anything including the best food and drinks that billions of dollars can buy. The branded clothes won’t fit an unhealthy waist. Your family and friends can’t be happy knowing you are suffering despite the billions you have made for them. Read more.