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Sturgis —Full Throttle Saloon A Total Loss After Overnight Fire

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Bikernet NEws

According to Keloland, Flames early Tuesday morning engulfed a popular Sturgis saloon that bills itself as the “world’s largest biker bar.”

The Full Throttle Saloon is a total loss after crews battled the blaze throughout the morning.
Sturgis Assistant Fire Chief Sean Barrows says crews tried to get inside but heat and smoke forced firefighters to battle the blaze from the outside in heavy winds. The building was completely on the ground by 3 a.m.

Barrows says there were no injuries.

The bar on South Dakota Highway 34 has been the subject of a reality television series. Its amenities include zip lines, musical stages and rental cabins.The fire remains under investigation.

Industry News — Rick Walters is MAG’s new CFO

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RickWalters-smThe Motorsport Aftermarket Group (MAG) , parent company to a host of aftermarket industry leading brands, including DragonFire, Küryakyn, Mustang Seats, Performance Machine, Progressive Suspension, Renthal, Roland Sands Design and Vance & Hines, recently relocated headquarters from Irvine, California, to Irving, Texas. Now MAG is staffing up, starting with the addition of a new CFO, Rick Walters.

“I’m pleased to announce that Rick Walters will be joining the MAG leadership team as Chief Financial Officer,” stated MAG President & CEO Andy Graves. “Rick is based at our new MAG headquarters in Irving, and is reporting to me.” Most recently the CFO of the $1 billion auto collision repair company Service King, Walters brings a wealth of financial experience to the MAG role. Prior to Service King, Rick served as a Group CFO at Sun Capital Partners in southern Florida, where he supported multiple portfolio companies, including work in auto supply and electronic components companies, as well as retail (furniture, restaurants, and department stores).

“His breadth of business experience across multiple industries, and businesses faced with diverse challenges, will serve him well at MAG,” noted Graves. “He brings a strong strategic perspective, extensive experience in process and profit improvement, and a passion to drive long-term value creation.”

Walters replaces Bill Himebrook, who has been MAG’s interim CFO since the merger of MAG/Tucker Rocky under the LDI umbrella in May, 2014. “We are grateful to Bill for stepping into this role at such a critical time for our new company,” added Graves. “And thankful for his insights, support and many contributions over the past 16 months. We look forward to continued support and dialog with Bill, as he transitions back into his full-time CFO role at LDI in Indianapolis.”

Originally from Wausau, Wisconsin, Walters has lived and worked across the U.S. He currently lives in McKinney, TX, a northern suburb of Dallas, with his wife and two daughters.


Zipper’s Chain Drive For High-Output ’09-Up Touring Bikes

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817-707_onbikeZipper’s cushion-drive chain conversion kit for 2009-up Touring models is for high output engines, with a modular design for strength and easy ratio changes. This kit is supplied with a steel front sprocket, a 7075-T6 aerospace aluminum rear sprocket, and O-ring chain (available in standard metallic, gold, or black). Our cushion-drive chain conversion kit is equipped with a chrome-moly axle and severe-duty slider-style chain adjusters, eliminating the cam adjusters. Conveniently, this system bolts-on and does not require modifications to the swing-arm. Contact Zipper’s today for any additional inquires about this kit.


Parts Pirates Rip-Off EMD Products

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Montage 1 Montage 2Based in a rural area in the South of France, EMD is a relative newcomer to the motorcycle aftermarket industry and has been developing ‘Vintage Parts For Your Modern Ride’ since 2012. From day one, EMD designer Francis Villedon set out to borrow visual elements from the motorcycle roots and hot rod past to allow today’s riders to outfit their motorcycles with parts that seem to come from a more ‘analog’ era. Joining forces with EMD’s president Nicolas Pigeyre, they channeled their passion and creativity while taking advantage of the company’s fast prototyping tools and technology to design an ever-growing range of vintage-inspired parts. From R&D to CAD, sand casting and finish machining, all operations are done in France.

EMD Parts

A selection of EMD covers for Evo Sportsters

EMD parts got a good deal of attention in Europe right out of the gate. As its product line grew, both the European public and bike builders started using EMD for their projects. The motorcycle press was very supportive too. Encouraged by a healthy growth in Europe, EMD set out to explore the North American market, attended V-Twin Expo in 2013 and debuted its products at the Born Free Show in 2014, in California. EMD-USA was promptly established and is now serving the US market. Since then, builders big and small (including one Jesse James) work with EMD. Two out of 6 bikes competing this year in Hot Bike Magazine’s Speed And Style contest use EMD components. That’s not bad for a startup company with no sizable advertising budget. The parts must have done all the talking…


Thank you @popeofwelding great job ⚡️⚡️💥

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But those listening weren’t all well-intentioned. One morning in late August, the EMD folks had a rude awakening when looking at their Facebook feed. A prominent European parts distributor with deep pockets, a large catalog and a extensive network of dealers was using the social media site to launch their new and ‘Exclusive’ line of parts. These parts more or less looked like carbon copies of EMD’s own products. It was all there: the rough, vintage texture of cast aluminum, the raised rib design, the contours and even the packaging. Subtle differences in grain thickness and rib layout seemed like the only clues that would allow a trained eye to tell the originals from the knock-offs…

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 9.03.52 AM

40 Cal Customs’ Speed & Style bike.

Condemning this action, EMD’s Chief Designer Francis Villedon explains that as a rule, EMD has never, and would never copy any product currently on the market. EMD looks to fill open product positions with innovative solutions instead of jumping on a band wagon and clutter the industry with redundant copies and knock-offs.

A little over a year ago, EMD approached the California-based shop, Speed Merchant to develop alongside them a left-side engine cover for late-model Triumph Bonnevilles. On a hand-shake deal (in true biker style), Speed Merchant agreed to let EMD use the design of their existing line of Triumph bolt-on cam and sprocket covers to create a matching left-side primary and clutch cover. Today, you can customize your Bonnie both in Europe and in the US, and all over the world for that matter, thanks to EMD and Speed Merchant working together and not ripping each other off. Is there here a lesson to learn?

Concerned with the latest attack on EMD’s intellectual property, W&W Cycles reacted by placing the following message next to all EMD product they sell on their website: ‘Not here! Yeah, there is stuff out there that almost looks like the real thing and costs less. Not here at W&W CYCLES, though. If you feel like supporting product pirates rather than the originators and makers of high-quality parts for your bike, fine with us. We’re gonna stick with the real thing.’ This is a classy move that demonstrates the true biker spirit that should all strive to uphold. So on the off chance that you have access to a computer and are somewhat connected to the motorcycle world, it shouldn’t take you long to discover the identity of the parts pirates.

DJP Customs' Evo Sportster with EMD Shovel rocker covers, ribbed cam cover and electric kicker.

DJP Customs’ Evo Sportster with EMD Shovel rocker covers, ribbed cam cover and electric kicker.

EMD urges you to get informed, to be a part of the conversation, to spread the news and stay on the lookout for imitations and rip-offs, whether they target EMD or the labor of love of other hard-working people and companies. Sharing the news and using social media to put to shame those who commit those reprehensible deeds is probably one of the best tools that we, as motorcycle industry members, have at our disposal.

Get the real deal here:

First U.S. Custom King Customization Contest Winner Built A Tricked-Out Street 750 Harley

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Bikernet News winner_dl_1944_01

Alex Stewart, of Yellowstone Harley-Davidson in Belgrade, Mont. is the first-ever U.S. Custom King. Stewart and his dealership’s build team assembled the winning “Next Generation Board Track Racer” as part of the inaugural Harley-Davidson Custom Kings competition.

Bikernet News YellowstoneHDCustomKings2Nearly 100 U.S. dealerships entered the bike build-off battle featuring the Harley-Davidson Street 750 motorcycle. The entries from finalists in each of the country’s seven markets, were voted on by their peers at the company’s recent annual dealer meeting. The six finalists vying with Stewart for the title and customization supremacy were:
Led by Nick Celenza, Brian’s Harley-Davidson, Langhorne, Pa.
Led by Brett Sassaman, Harley-Davidson of Macon, Macon, Ga.
Led by Jeff Musat, Harley-Davidson of Scottsdale, Scottsdale, Ariz.
Led by Kevin Winters, Lake Shore Harley-Davidson, Libertyville, Ill.
Led by Doug O’Neal, Loess Hills Harley-Davidson, Pacific Junction, Iowa
Led by Bruce Downs, Ray Price Harley-Davidson, Raleigh, N.C.

Yellowstone Harley-Davidson’s winning Street 750 makes its first public appearance in Milwaukee at Custom Bike Show Weekend Sept. 5-6 at the Harley-Davidson Museum. The motorcycle, which drew inspiration from the board track racers from the 1920s and 1930s, will then move inside the Museum main lobby where it will be on display.

More about Custom Kings and the Street 750 motorcycle, can be found here.

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The Pizz Has Left The Building — RIP

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Pioneering lowbrow artist The Pizz (Stephen Pizzuro) has died at age 57, a tragic loss of a great underground talent. We send our sympathy to his family and friends. From The Pizz’s self-penned bio on his site.

It’s been the definitive long and strange trip from hashing out those notebook masterpieces in the back corner of the classroom to rightfully assuming the title of Lord of Lowbrow. From doing Rat Fink comix for the legendary Big Daddy Roth hisowndamnself, transforming the lowly skateboard deck into an artistic canvas in ways unforeseen, splashing flash on the walls of tattoo shops the world over, delighting the kiddies and authorities alike with a set of trading cards featuring your favorite mass-murderers, burrowing into record collections around the globe via Sympathy For The Record Industry cover art, conquering the realm of canvas and paint, packing’em in for shows at the world HQ of lowbrow art galleries, La Luz De Jesus in Los Angeles, no less than 6 times, to foisting his tome Atavistic Avatar upon the masses, the fuzzy-chinned one has been quite the industrious vermin gnawing at the cheese of established convention.



The Mayans To Ride Again On Screen?

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According to a number of reports, the fictional Mayans Motorcycle Club may soon be riding again, with Sons Of Anarchy creator and show runner, Kurt Sutter at the helm (or at behind the handlebars). Just a recap, the Mayans was the rival of California Motorcycle club in the heroin distribution business. The Mayans was led by Marcus Alvarez, played by Emilio Rivera.
No further details have been released at this time.

Nightrider’s XiED EFI Fuel Management System For All ’15 Harley-Davidson Softails

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FL-VIED-10_orig, manufacturers of the XiED EFI Fuel Management System, introduces an application for all 2015 Harley-Davidson Softails. Nightrider’s Patented XIED technology is designed to work with OEM closed-loop ECM’s to maintain or improve fuel mixtures. We incorporate a Simple Plug-N-Play Installation that is Cost Effective. Don’t worry about buying expensive piggyback controllers or complex software tuning. No Dyno Tuning required!

FL-AFXIED-10 upgrade kit 7-23-15Easy to Adjust, our adjustable tuning products require nothing more than a small screwdriver to fine tune the fuel mixture. Consistent Results. Like installing a bigger jet in a carburetor.

Not every rider needs complex and expensive engine tuners to meet their needs. Most riders with stock bikes or those making exhaust and/or air cleaner upgrades just want to ensure their engine runs properly. offers the most cost effective fuel management system for Harley-Davidson motorcycles as well as BMW, Ducati, Victory, Buell and Indian.

Available in 3 Different Modes:

• Simple-Beginning Rider/XiED
• Everyday Rider/ViED
• Intelligent-Advanced Rider/AF-XiED
Call 313-444-9433 for further information on go to