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BOOK REVIEW: The Truth About Motorcycling Alaska

This book is by no means a travelogue.  You can get your pithy pictorials and glossy coffee table books elsewhere. It’s 224 pages of undiluted, 100-octane information regarding everything a rider really needs to know about motorcycling Alaska. The Adventurous Motorcyclist’s Guide to Alaska puts 20 years of road knowledge together in a well organized, information-rich travel guide designed for adventure motorcyclists and sure to please anyone who appreciates visiting the authentic portions of Alaska.READ FULL STORY

Tom Caldwell Racing and Trammel Creek Cycle Works

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Tom Caldwell/Old Guys Do Rule Racing and Trammel Creek Cycle Works have inked a one drag race deal.  Mike & Vikki Dale in Adolphus,Ky, owners of Trammel Creek Cycle Works have signed up for the AMRA June 23 and 24 Bowling Green race to assist Caldwell's record setting Pro Gasser.

"I want to thank Mike an Vikki for their support. So, drop by their shop to get great personnalized service! The shop is east of Bowling Green on 31E and 231 in Adolphus, Ky Call 'em at 270-618-8229.
This is a great shop and I truly appreciate their support," says Caldwell. 
Special thanks to Steve Allstaedt , at SA Racing for his innovative cylinder head design work!
Also thanks to, S&S Cycle, Red Line Oil, Dana the welder, Southern Biker Magazine, PMFR, and 3D Painting. 
Contact Caldwell at: