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Motorcycle Revival Cyber Show & Rally from Cycle Source

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Be there, be there, be there…


A live video broadcast over multiple social media channels on Saturday, April 11th. Primarily the Cyber Rally is a way to give the motorcycle community a break from the current events. What it will be is a virtual motorcycle show and rally the likes of which has not been tried before. With our Emcee Jack Schit, we will visit all aspects of what people have come to enjoy at the large motorcycle rallies around the country. Through a live video conference environment, we will bring all the entertainers, bike show participants, exhibitors, etc. in five to ten-minute increments throughout the day. There is no cost, no hidden agenda except for the ability to keeps our community focused on what makes this lifestyle cool. That and a small component where we will have a virtual tip jar for all the entertainers and rally workers who have been displaced by this situation. At the end of the Cyber Rally, we will split up any revenue collected for that purpose among the participants.



With this happening so fast, we are building it on the fly, so feel free to toss us your ideas. Below are some levels of participation we have outlined, but maybe we have missed something.


Sponsorship: We are only doing a few small sponsorship opportunities that we may have some extra money for the people in the office, making all this work. With a typical potential reach of 3.5 million each week when we go live with ShopTalk, we can only imagine that this number will be well over ten times that weekly reach.


Small Logo Sponsorship – Just Carry The Feed: Small logo on the bottom of the ad that is circulating, logo included on the landing page of sponsors for the Cyber Show & Rally.


Bike Show Prize Sponsor: We are asking that Bike Show Prize Sponsors provide a minimum of ten gift certificates or promo codes that can be added to our winners “prize bags.” These can and should be a small value to encourage people to come back to your site and spend a few bucks. EX: If you sell T-shirts, $5 gift certificates, if you sell wheels or sheet metal $25 gift certificates, etc. We are also happy to have large single prize items for a single class like Denver’s Choppers New Chrome Springer that will be awarded for Best In Show.

Random Give-A-Way Prizes: Throughout the day Jack Schit, our Emcee, will be asking people to type a phrase in the comments to have a chance at some free prizes. Shops like Hot Leathers are giving Flannel Shirts away, some are giving T-Shirts etc. We ask that you provide a minimum of five items available for these slots. We will capture the winner’s names and addresses and send the list to you.


Large Logo Sponsor – $100: Large logo on the bottom of the ad that is circulating, logo included in the logo roll that will play for the four to five-hour show.


Segment Sponsorship – $200: If you have a great idea or would like to underwrite one of ours and have it presented by your company, this is the one for you. Example Segments so far “Burnout Contest” Wet T-Shirt Contest” Stroll Through Vendors Row” “Barmaids Choice” “Tattoo Contest” “Grease & Gears Garage Live.”


Video Commercial (Limited Spaces Available) – $500: This can be a 30 second to two-minute video commercial for your company. There will be a minimal amount of these throughout the day of the show.


Presenting Sponsor (Only One) $2,000: This will be featured at the top of the ad circulating as the presenting Sponsor mentioned throughout the show with a single large logo during announcements.

VENDORS/CRAFTSMEN: Ok, so we have an idea for this. Typical vendor interaction might not be as easy in this format, but we can stop by and watch if you happen to be a pinstriped, leather crafter, etc. If you sell shirts, maybe we can stop by your booth to see what specials you have for the day (You must set up a booth to look like we are at the show) Custom Bikes for parts guys can be set up like the shirt vendors.

**Not suitable for Attorney, Insurance or Service Companies, please see sponsorship opportunities**


ENTERTAINERS: You must have the ability to do a live show from your location. If you have something cool to offer this event, please contact us to work out a performance schedule.


For more information up to the minute, please visit


Heather Callen

Managing Editor

Cycle Source Magazine

118 Dellenbaugh Rd

Tarentum PA 15084

Office – 724-226-2867

Cycle Source on Facebook

HighPipe Motorcycle Festival Moves to Table Mountain at Mountain High North Resort, July 17-20

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 The Fourth Annual HighPipe Motorcycle Festival will move up the hill to Table Mountain at Mountain High North Resort in Wrightwood, Calif., with riders hitting the trails, July 17-20. Wrightwood sits in San Bernardino County, about 75 miles northeast of Los Angeles.

Table Mountain reaches an elevation of nearly 7,000 feet and is situated in a hilly, oak and pine forest with large meadows and breathtaking views. Average daytime temperatures in the summer reach the low 80s, with very pleasant cooler evening temps. The Table Mountain Nature Trail encompasses the Angeles Crest Scenic Byway, which provides a picturesque route for riders along some of the highest and most scenic ridges of the San Gabriel mountain range.

The HighPipe Motorcycle Festival showcases all makes and models of bikes. Basically, if it has two wheels and an engine, it is welcome. HighPipe provides opportunities for riders to hone their skills at base camp and take on the challenges of the expertly-created skills course to test their riding mettle. Riders can check out back roads on their way to discovering amazing new destinations. Base camp will also feature a vendor row, with leading brands providing demo opportunities and shopping for the latest gear.

“The HighPipe Motorcycle Festival is one that we always have circled on our calendar,” said Tim Collins, Moto Vertical Leader, Bonnier Events. “The event has continued to grow and evolve over the last three years and Mountain High North this year will add even more excitement. HighPipe provides an outstanding experience for riders of all skill levels and the camaraderie among participants is second to none. We can’t for everyone to put the kickstand up and hit the trails.”

Always a highlight of the HighPipe Motorcycle Festival is the Scramble Ramble Scavenger Hunt, which takes participants to some of the most breathtaking locales, nearly a mile-high in the San Gabriel Mountains to discover unbelievable points of interest.

All HighPipe participants are invited to take part in the Scramble Ramble Scavenger Hunt. When participants find locations, they will share via Instagram and mark their scorecards. Each point found, enters participants into Saturday evening’s drawing for amazing prizes.

Event Features Include:

  • Test Ride – Try out new motorcycles from top industry manufacturers
  • Mob Runs – A challenging loop though the beautiful San Gabriel Mountains, which includes both dirt and paved roads.
  • Scavenger Hunt  – Use your riding skills along with sense of curiosity to discover amazing stops along the trails.
  • Vendor Row with leading brands showcasing their latest products
  • LIVE Music from local acts, sharing their grooves
  • Delicious Food from a local establishment
  • Ride In Bike Show – Featuring People’s choice awards
  • Scramblekhana Skills Course – Ride a scrambler-style gymkhana course and show your skills with fun low-speed challenges such as riding the plank, crossing the log and sand turns.
  • Quenching Brews – From Local Craft Breweries
  • Professional Lead/Follow Rides – Various rides for different skill levels
  • Bar Games – Axe throwing, Cornhole and Giant Beer Pong

The HighPipe Motorcycle Festival is presented by GEICO Motorcycle, with media coverage from Cycle World Magazine.

To register and for more information on camping/lodging, visit


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Mayor Mark Carstensen said the Sturgis motorcycle rally held annually in August is still on.  “We’re 100 percent on planning the rally,” said Carstensen at a March 25 news briefing at Sturgis City Hall.

Carstensen said the rally is five months away and he hopes the virus will have run much of its course well before the end of summer.  He said city planners would continue to assess the situation, with June providing a potential time frame for any decision regarding the rally. To receive the most accurate updates he encourages people to use the “official” channel at the City of Sturgis.

“Obviously, this is an ever-changing thing. It’s late March, we still have a little time here to see what develops before we start talking seriously about anything from that,” he said.

MMA Announces 2020 Massachusetts Motorcycle Safety Awareness Period

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Your Massachusetts Motorcycle Association is pleased to announce the 19th consecutive Motorcycle Safety Awareness Period in Massachusetts! This annual event has represented Motorcyclists across the Commonwealth in a coordinated effort between the MMA, the Massachusetts Office of the Governor, the MA Highway Safety Division, the MA Legislature, MassDOT, the MA RMV and the MA Rider Education Program to declare the month of April as “Motorcycle Safety & Awareness Period”.


In a Proclamation presented to the MMA and signed by Governor Charlie Baker, Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito, and Secretary of the Commonwealth William Francis Galvin, this year’s Motorcycle Safety Awareness Period runs from Monday, March 23rd to Thursday, April 30th, 2020.


With the early spring in Massachusetts this year, coupled with lighter-than-typical traffic, motorcyclists have taken to the road in large numbers. Yet, car and truck drivers are used to keeping their windows up and their eyes out for sanders, plows, and street sweepers, not the scores of motorcycles already hitting the roads on warmer days. Complicating matters, riders haven’t yet shaken off the winter cobwebs from their riding skills and aren’t prepared for roads scarred by winter plows and sanders, much less the traffic that isn’t yet looking for them!


This year, more than ever, we need vigilance on our bikes and we need the cooperation of all traffic. While many remain cooped up indoors due to the COVID-19 crisis, still others are taking every opportunity to get outside for some fresh air. Motorcycling remains a great outlet for that, but some who take to the roads in cars and trucks are on a mission and focused on getting from point A to B and back again, rather than paying attention to smaller vehicles like Motorcycles.


Your Massachusetts Motorcycle Association established an annual Motorcycle Safety Awareness Period in conjunction with the Commonwealth to assure that this crucial period as spring flowers start to bloom and motorcyclists hit the roads would be as smooth of a transition as possible. 20 years ago, members of the then Board of Directors, officers, and of course the members, lobbied our Legislature to implement this crucial period at a time when motorcyclists would be once again leave their winter cocoons for sunny roads.


Overall Motorcycle Fatalities have decreased by approximately 30% since 2002, during a period in which motorcycle Registrations increased by roughly the same rate. The MMA believes the annual Motorcycle Safety Awareness Period is a significant contributor to this since it reminds all motorists to share the road at the most critical point in the riding season.


In support of the Motorcycle Safety Awareness Period, the MMA is promoting the period through various media outlets including RMV offices and highway signs. Additionally, lawn signs and bumper stickers with the “LOOK! For Motorcycles” slogan are available to riders at no charge from your MMA District Officers and at most MMA events.


MMA Members are also eligible for discounts at MMA Gold Card Sponsor training schools including Training Wheels, Inc., and Massachusetts Motorcycle School. The programs available through the Massachusetts Rider Education Program are a great way to hone your riding skills and shake off the cobwebs in a safe environment.


Your Massachusetts Motorcycle Association asks all roadway users to SHARE THE ROAD and to LOOK! for Motorcycles!


For More Information, see or contact



©2020 Massachusetts Motorcycle Association

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We had a tough day today. The weather was clear and the roads around the Port of Los Angeles empty as we rolled the Salt Torpedo out of the shop.


I was supposed to be a final test run to determine whether the ignition stumble we discovered in the desert was remedied. We had also experienced a slight shimmy in the handling, so I added more rake for more stability.

Today before taking it off the lift we needed to adjust the toe-in and we did. With everything tightened we were ready for a final test run before installing the painted body work and preparations to haul ass to Bonneville. All seemed to be good to go as the Torpedo fired to life and Micah dropped the clutch.


He recently discovered that he had another son, Eddie, who runs E2 Metal Works in Bakersfield, with his wife, Emilia. His business is all about CNC Plasma Metal Design and fabrication. Today, Micah arrived with his new son Eddie and his pal, Mike. We immediately set to work prepping for a pass down the street, which has its pitfalls.



It’s a city street complete with cops, and we aren’t prepped for papers, plates or registration. The torpedo has no lights, no turn-signals, you name it. But since the virus has attacked our lives, the streets were void of traffic, especially on a Sunday as I asked Micah to take it easy and test the handling first.

There’s something about the Salt Torpedo that brings out the speed in a man. As soon as he caught a gear he nailed it and felt the rear tire break loose as it acted like a rocket ship that wants to fly into the next atmosphere. Unfortunately that didn’t happen today. He reached the second block at about 80 and attempted to turn.

This puppy was designed to go straight, and I had added more rake to the dragster front end, almost 15 degrees. It wanted to go straight in the worst way. We’re not sure what happened, but he hit a curb and it flipped the torpedo. He was unhurt, but we lost the front axle and perhaps both front wheels. We’ll bring you a full report in the very near future.–Bandit


Forget Coronavirus…We got BELTS!!

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Having trouble finding the belt you want or need? Tired of playing “search the web”?

APM has Primary Drive Belts in 8, 11, and 14mm, Kevlar of Glass, with all the impossible-to-get belts that no one else seems to have. APM has Final Drive Belts in 24mm, 1.125″, & 1.50″ wide with Carbon Fiber Cord which is stronger then steel, and in a myriad of different tooth counts. If we ain’t got it, then maybe it hasn’t been made yet?

Look no further my good friends. APM has the Belts, and not just any belts, but the original manufacturer of the OE belts, Gates Rubber.

Here are a few examples, but visit our web site for all the sizes available…

8205 Secura Way
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
(562) 321-1989

Monday—Friday: 8:00AM–5:30PM
Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED

This motorcycle was strong and reliable under all military conditions.

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1939 BMW R12 Military

The BMW R12 together with the later R75 epitomize the World War II military motorcycle celebrated by Hollywood and the popular press. Heavy but tough, fast enough, and essentially bullet proof.

From its beginning in 1935 to the R-12’s demise in 1942, BMW built nearly 30,000 R12s. The majority were civilian models conscripted in 1939 with another 10,000 units specially built for the Wehrmacht police and combat units. As an early adopter of electric arc welding, BMW was able to speed up considerably the manufacturing process – particularly welding frames – and the company never looked back. As it happens, the R12 was their most prolific…

See and read more at the National Motorcycle Museum Web Site. Hell, you can see it when the virus threat passes in the museum. I got a kick out of it, because I created a seat suspension similar on my goofy ’69 Panhead.–Bandit

Direct from the White House

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Trump Signs $2 Trillion Coronavirus Stimulus Bill
-NBC News
“President Donald Trump on Friday signed the $2 trillion coronavirus economic stimulus bill, putting in motion desperately needed financial relief for millions of Americans set back by the pandemic. Trump signed the bill just hours after the House passed it with a bipartisan vote,” Rebecca Shabad reports.
Apple Works with White House to Release ‘COVID-19’ App, Website
“Apple Inc and the White House said on Friday that the iPhone maker worked with the Trump administration and federal agencies to release an app and website that will direct users to guidance from the Centers for Disease Control on the disease caused by the coronavirus,” Steve Holland reports. Learn more about the screening tool here.
Selfless Acts: How Americans are Helping Each Other Through the Coronavirus
-The Hill
“People across the United States are taking steps to help one another amid the coronavirus pandemic. From companies donating masks and ventilators to hospitals, to everyday people helping their neighbors, there are countless examples of people trying to do the right thing during an extraordinarily difficult time,” The Hill reports.

J&P LowRider Giveaway!

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Your Weekly Biker Bulletin from Inside the Beltway

Your Motorcycle Riders Foundation team in Washington, D.C. is pleased to provide our members with the latest information and updates on issues that impact the freedom and safety of American street motorcyclists. Count on your MRF to keep you informed about a range of matters that are critical to the advancement of motorcycling and its associated lifestyle. Published weekly when the U.S. Congress is in session.

Idaho Makes 4

Last week, the Idaho House of Representatives joined their Senate colleagues by passing S. 1292, the motorcyclist profiling bill in the state. When the governor signs the bill, Idaho will officially become the 4thstate in the nation with a law on the books regarding motorcyclist profiling.

The MRF wants to congratulate not only the riders in Idaho but the tireless advocates who have fought this battle for several years. After a razor-thin defeat in previous legislative years, the folks in Idaho never gave up and were rewarded with this monumental victory.

We would like to note that Idaho’s success demonstrates that this is a nonpartisan issue. Two states that are usually thought of as “Blue States” (Washington and Maryland) and two states traditionally thought of as “Red States” (Louisiana and Idaho) are now on the record on the topic.

Congratulations again on a hard-fought and well-deserved victory!

Click here to read a news story about the victory in Idaho.

You can read the Idaho profiling legislation here.

Momentum for Infrastructure Bills?

Today, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act), sending the massive stimulus legislation to the President’s desk to be signed into law. The $2 trillion coronavirus response bill is the third aid package from Congress is meant to keep businesses and individuals afloat during an unprecedented freeze on the majority of American life.  For a variety of reasons, we believe there will likely be more stimulus legislation in the future, and infrastructure investment may be a central component of additional efforts to recover the economy and get people back to work.

Without a doubt, proposals for including sizable infrastructure spending in coronavirus response/economic stimulus bills will receive bipartisan support. There is a strong economic and fiscal basis for stimulus spending on roads, bridges, transit, etc. Infrastructure spending has a high multiplier effect, adding indirect economic value beyond the immediate investment in construction companies and related contractors or materials suppliers. A dollar spent on infrastructure can go further than many other forms of stimulus. State and local governments are also already facing declining revenues due to quarantines, diminished economic activity, and new public health expenditures. Many state constitutions prevent deficit spending, so absent new taxes – an unlikely scenario – they will be stymied in making new investments in stimulus-type programs, such as infrastructure, and may even have to curtail current road-building budgets.

Beyond the scope of infrastructure investment, funding will likely be front-loaded, rather than a typical year-over-year spread.  The stimulus of 2009 focused on ‘shovel ready’ projects, which resulted in lots of repaving and maintenance versus large new projects, a similar focus on near-term efforts to quickly create jobs is foreseeable.

We at the MRF will continue to advocate for the priorities of motorcyclists in an infrastructure bill. We will also rely on you to help push your elected officials into remembering motorcyclists when passing these massive legislative packages.

Motorcycle Community Rallies to aid in COVID-19 Relief Around the World

As the COVID-19 National Emergency dominates your daily newsfeed, I wanted to take a moment to share a couple of positive stories of the motorcycle community stepping up to aid in relief efforts. The first story comes out of NYC were a group of riders started Masks for Docs to help get personal protection equipment (PPE) in the hands of our healthcare workers facing a critical supply shortage.  You can read the full news story featured in Vice News here. The second article highlights motorcycle manufacturers and a tire manufacturer donating PPE’s, medical supplies, and ventilators to aid in the critical supply shortage. The story also features a few groups in other countries, helping those in quarantine by delivery prescriptions and meals to the elderly in their community. You can read more about those efforts by clicking here.

As schools around the country have shuttered, MRF Vice President Jay Jackson has been volunteering in his own local community in Indiana to hand out bagged meals for students. You can read that story here.

Bikers are some of the best people that I know. The D.C. team is hunkered down and working from home as Congress is closed to the public through March 31st.  We will continue to review the massive legislation passed this week and plan to share more of the details with you next week.

About Motorcycle Riders Foundation
The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) provides leadership at the federal level for states’ motorcyclists’ rights organizations as well as motorcycle clubs and individual riders. The MRF is chiefly concerned with issues at the national and international levels that impact the freedom and safety of American street motorcyclists. The MRF is committed to being a national advocate for the advancement of motorcycling and its associated lifestyle and works in conjunction with its partners to help educate elected officials and policymakers in Washington and beyond.