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Wrecking Crew Rider Bronson Bauman Earns First Podium of the Season at Williams Grove Half-Mile I;

Indian FTR750 Sweeps Top Eight Positions in Both Weekend Races


MECHANICSBURG, Penn. (September 14, 2020) – Indian Motorcycle Racing, presented by Progressive Motorcycle Insurance, and the FTR750 displayed its dominance once again, as its factory team and stable of privateers swept the top eight positions at Williams Grove Half-Mile I and II.  The Wrecking Crew finished with authority after reigning AFT Grand National Champion Briar Bauman captured back-to-back first-place victories, while fellow teammates Jared Mees and Bronson Bauman added podium finishes. With his pair of wins this weekend, Briar Bauman continued his scorching streak at Williams Grove, while regaining the top spot of the season’s leaderboard.


On Friday, Mees began with the holeshot before Briar Bauman took control within two corners and gave the field no chance of coming close to him as he took the win with over four seconds to spare over the second-place finisher.  Indian Motorcycle Privateer Brandon Robinson finished second while factory rider, Bronson Bauman, fought to earn his first podium of the season.


“We are halfway through the season and Briar and Jared are neck-and-neck, battling for the number one spot,” said Gary Gray, Vice President – Racing, Technology and Service for Indian Motorcycle. “It’s exciting to get out there and see our team at the top of the standings, fighting relentlessly for every point, and pushing each other race in and race out.”


During the Williams Grove Half Mile II on Saturday, Briar Bauman took control of the field almost immediately, building a lead of over five seconds. He saw little resistance and ultimately earned his second win of the weekend and his fourth-consecutive first-place finish at Williams Grove. Mees rounded out the podium in third after a daunting battle against Indian Motorcycle Privateer Sammy Halbert, who fought until the bitter end.


Through eight races, Briar Bauman sits in first with 169 points, while Mees is a mere five points back with 164 points.  Halbert and fellow Indian Motorcycle Privateer Brandon Robinson are third and fourth with 123 and 116 points, respectively, while Bronson Bauman is fifth with 101 points.


The season looks to continue on September 25 at the Devil’s Bowl Speedway for the Dallas Half-Mile I & II. For more information on Indian Motorcycle Racing,   visit and follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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Here’s the really strange aspect to the media. If they keep attacking freedom and honesty shortly no one will believe anything they print, and they will go out of business like so many media sources.


Here are a couple of paragraphs from a report about the Chinese Covid efforts in Sweden:

‘It’s Like Using A Hammer To Kill A Fly’: Architect Of Sweden’s COVID-19 Anti-Lockdown Strategy Finally Vindicated

Life has largely returned to normal in Scandinavian nation due to ‘herd immunity’ strategy

When the history books are written about 2020 and the great coronavirus pandemic, Anders Tegnell, the humble Swedish state epidemiologist and architect of the global-consensus-defying ‘Sweden strategy’, will inevitably loom large throughout the text. But whether he is portrayed as a hero or villain may – like so many things in this highly polarized era – ultimately depend on who’s writing the piece.

Today, the architect of Sweden’s lighter-touch approach says the country will have “a low level of spread” with occasional local outbreaks.

“What it will be in other countries, I think that is going to be more critical. They are likely to be more vulnerable to these kind of spikes.

Those kind of things will most likely be bigger when you don’t have a level of immunity that can sort of put the brake on it,” he adds. Herd immunity is one of the most controversial concepts of the Covid-19 crisis. Tegnell is adamant that it was not Sweden’s goal to allow the virus to run its course until enough of the population had been exposed and the infection rate slowed. But he argues immunity is at least in part responsible for the sharp recent drop in Swedish cases and questions how its neighbors will fare without it.

His dislike of national lockdowns is obvious. “It’s really using a hammer to kill a fly,” he insists. Instead, his approach has been about having a strategy that can work for years if needs be, rather than the constant chopping and changing seen in the rest of Europe. “We don’t see it as viable to have this kind of drastic closing down, opening and closing. You can’t open and close schools. That is going to be a disaster. And you probably can’t open and close restaurants and stuff like that either too many times. Once or twice, yes, but then people will get very tired and businesses will probably suffer more than if you close them down completely,” he says.



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Please keep my Daytona brother Bill Dodge in your prayers. He was involved in a pretty bad motorcycle accident last night and can use all the prayers, good vibes and love you can send. Don’t have full details on all his injuries just yet but will keep you posted. This one hurts my heart more than I can say.



This on Facebook as well.

I regret to tell the biker world that the great Carl Morrow of Carl’s speed shop has passed away today, Carl was our neighbor and opened the doors in 1969, Carl’s Speed Shop has become known for records set, exploits on the Drag Strip and Bonneville Salt Flats, and an approach to reliable, useable horsepower that translates to high performance Harley street bikes.

Well known for his 2” (50.8mm) constant velocity Typhoon slide carburetors! Carl is and always will be a motorcycle legend! The Daytona Motorcycle community and Beach st. will miss you! Our condolences to his family. R.I.P. CARL!


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The good doctor came over to work on his Pandemic project yesterday and brought two Covid antibody tests, one for me and one for the Redhead, who deals with the public everyday at a local marina. I recently returned from South Dakota after the rally. Just to let you know; I’m not infecting anyone after Sturgis, I was cleared of ever having Covid, so was the Redhead.
I’m surprised anyone reads any media or watches any news programs, especially after their reports on Sturgis. Hell, I immediately refused to subscribe to the Week Magazine again after they called the rally a Covid Spreader. The numbers were ridiculously low, but they still blamed bikers. You were way more likely to contact the disease by staying home. So, I asked the doctor to define the various tests. For instance if folks received some of the tests, they could have come into contact with the disease months before the rally. They could have also had some contact but were not contagious. The media just wanted to blame bikers.
See below:
PCR tests look for pieces of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, in the nose, throat, or other areas in the respiratory tract to determine if the person has an active infection.
It does not help determine who had an infection in the past. If the public is allowed to administer the test, it is often inaccurate.
• It also does not help determine if a person who was exposed to COVID-19 will develop active infection during the two weeks after exposure.
In some people, the virus can only be found by PCR for a few days at the beginning of the infection, so the test might not find the virus if the swab is taken more than a few days after the illness starts.
• In some people, the virus can be found by PCR in the nose and throat for several weeks, even longer than the time that they are actually contagious to other people.
• This test requires certain kinds of swabs that are in short supply.

Antigen tests look for pieces of proteins that make up the SARS- CoV-2 virus to determine if the person has an active infection.

• It does not accurately rule out those who are not infected.
• Antigen tests are less sensitive than PCR tests, meaning there may be false negative results.
• Negative tests should be treated as presumptive. If a healthcare provider is concerned that the person has COVID-19, even after a negative antigen test, then the test result should be confirmed with PCR testing.

Antibody Test, also called Serology test looks for antibodies, specifically IgM and IgG, against SARS-CoV-2 in the blood to determine if there was a past infection. Antibodies is what gives your body the immunity to a particular virus.

A negative antibody test means that the person may not have had COVID-19 in the past. However, they could still have a current infection, and the antibody test was collected too soon to give a positive result.

• It can identify people who had an infection in the past, even if they had no symptoms of the illness.
• In some cases, it could help determine when COVID-19 illness occurred, since we know that IgM is formed before IgG and that IgM goes away before IgG.
• It can help determine who qualifies to donate convalescent plasma (a blood product that contains antibodies against COVID-19 and can be used as a COVID- 19 treatment).
• If lots of people take the test in a community, it can help public health leaders and researchers know what
percentage of the population has already had COVID-19.
• It may be negative if it is used too close to the beginning of an infection, which is why it should not be used to detect active COVID- 19 infection.
• In areas where there have not been many cases of COVID-19, many of the positive test results will actually be false positives (see Positive Predictive Value2). Some antibody tests have low sensitivity3 and specificity4 and thus may not produce reliable results.
• Some antibody tests may cross-react with other coronaviruses that are not SARS-CoV2, the virus that causes COVID-19, leading to false test results.
• We do not know yet if having antibodies to the virus that causes COVID-19 can protect someone from getting infected again or, if they do, how long this protection might last. Until scientists get more information about whether antibodies protect against reinfection with this virus, everyone should continue to take steps to protect themselves and others, including staying at least 6 feet away from other people outside of their home (social distancing), even if they have had a positive antibody test.
If positive, the health department will interview the antibody-positive person about symptoms and if they were around someone who had COVID-19. If the person had symptoms or was around someone with COVID-19, the health department may recommend they get a PCR test. No contact tracing will be performed.
• If negative, no public health activities will be performed.
–Bandit and Dr. Christian Reichardt

T. Graham Brown Welcomes Wynonna Judd As His Guest On September’s Live Wire On SiriusXM’s Prime Country Channel 58 Starting Wednesday, September 2 at 10/9c

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With continued airings throughout September, T. Graham Brown’s Live Wire will feature live cuts from artists including George Strait, TG Sheppard, Darryl Worley, T. Graham Brown, .38 Special, plus an exclusive interview and live cuts from Wynonna Judd

Nashville, Tenn. – Country hit-maker T. Graham Brown’s LIVE WIRE on SiriusXM’s Prime Country Channel 58 will debut new episodes for September, starting Wednesday, September 2 at 10/9c PM, featuring an interview with Wynonna Judd. LIVE WIRE is a one hour show that showcases live cuts & interviews with some of T. Graham Brown’s closest friends and heroes, sharing fun stories about life on the road.

“September’s LIVE WIRE covers a lot of ground from George Strait’s farewell tour to .38 Special. Also, I’ll be talking to my sister Wynonna about her career. Then, we have Darryl Worley and TG Sheppard topped off with a couple of tunes from yours truly! Be sure to tune in for some great live music.”

With continued airings throughout September, the show will feature live cuts from artists including George Strait, TG Sheppard, Darryl Worley, T. Graham Brown, .38 Special, along with an interview and live cuts from Wynonna Judd. Listen closely to hear never-before-told stories and rare live performances from your favorite Prime Country superstars! LIVE WIRE is also available on-demand worldwide with the SiriusXM app and Pandora NOW with a standard SiriusXM subscription.

How subscribers can listen:
SiriusXM subscribers are able to listen on SiriusXM radios, and those with streaming access can listen online, on-the-go with the SiriusXM mobile app and at home on a wide variety of connected devices including smart TVs, devices with Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant, Apple TV, PlayStation, Roku, Sonos speakers and more. Go to to learn more.

Additional airings in September include:
Thursday, September 3 @ 1 am and 3 pm ET
Sunday, September 6 @ 11 am ET
Tuesday, September 8 @ 12 am and 11 pm ET
Thursday, September 10 @ 3 am ET
Monday, September 21 @ 12 pm ET

For T. Graham Brown’s most updated concert calendar visit

State of Colorado claims 20 cases of COVID-19 from Sturgis motorcycle rally

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DENVER (CBS4)– The State of Colorado is reporting more than 20 cases of coronavirus linked to people who attended the week-and-a-half-long annual motorcycle event in Sturgis, South Dakota. The virus was expected to cut attendance by nearly half, but the final count put attendance for Sturgis at 462,000, down only 7.5% from the previous year.

They came by the thousands, make that the hundreds of thousands. A total of 462,000, according to South Dakota authorities. But this year there was also an unwelcome guest: COVID-19.

The State of Colorado is now asking those who attended the rally and have coronavirus symptoms to be tested immediately. Those without symptoms should be tested seven days after any suspected exposure.

–CBS Newspath

OMG, wonder how many actually got sick? Or how man other illnesses were noted in Colorado after the rally. Nuts. Freedom won. Hell, there would have been more cases if everyone stayed home. –Bandit


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The brave Sturgis Rally Riders proved to the world that riding and rallies are a good thing, not Bad!


The 450,000 brothers and sisters who braved the Chinese Covid and restrictive mandates saved lives, jobs and state economies by hitting the road to Sturgis, South Dakota.

Hell, they prevented mental illness and proved that freedom works!





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#97 underway!

Sunshine, fun, social distancing, racing and riding were the theme of the first weekend of Laconia Motorcycle Week. As expected, there was less motorcycle activity on Lakeside Avenue, the epicenter of our Rally, but still plenty of riding here and everywhere else in the state. It seems like everyone took our advice of less congregating and more riding and we thank you all for that. Close to 100 people participated in Monday’s Mae West Memorial Ride benefiting local animal shelters and the NH Humane Society, proof that the spirit of giving is alive and well here in Laconia!

Action at New Hampshire Motor Speedway

The action at New Hampshire Motor Speedway kicked off on Saturday with the U.S. Classic Racing Association’s FIM North American Vintage Championships. Many took advantage of the camping options at the speedway and the track was alive with the sounds of an active track all weekend long. Racing continues this Saturday with the 976th Annual Loudon Classic, the longest-running motorcycle race in the U.S.

We’re seeing the benefits of an August rally with loads of sunshine and a forecast full of heat and humidity. From what we’ve witnessed, everyone’s been cognizant and respectful of the state’s COVID-related safety measures. The bars and restaurants are busy, but less packed in deference to social distancing guidelines. Live music continues all week at local favorites like the NASWA Resort and Tower Hill Tavern. The Weirs shuttle train and M/S Mount Washington are geared up to guide you around Lake Winnipesaukee, the miles of scenic riding are waiting for you to explore . . . and we’re just getting started!

Stay Safe!

Any/all updates will be posted to, through their e-newsletter and on all LaconiaMCWeek social media channels.

For more information on visiting New Hampshire and our state’s guidelines relating to COVID-19, please visit:

“Laconia – Where Rallies Were Invented”