ANOTHER LATE–Bandit’s Cantina Weekend Round-up

By February 19, 2019General Posts

But it was a good one, with reports about our Bonneville effort and then a startling announcement. J.J. Solari is trying to interview the President for Bikernet. Hang on! Did I really say that?

J.J. has been around the block for awhile and you just never know what might come of his efforts. Here’s just a teaser from his letter to the the President:

Dear Donald Trump; Have you noticed you never get asked actually-interesting questions? That’s because you are only interviewed by boring, agenda-driven commie asshole miserable losers

Bikernet,com is a very professional pro-America, pro-Trump, pro-flag, pro-National Anthem, pro Pledge of Allegiance….capitalist enterprise. Manned by normal people. I know what you’re saying: “Didn’t Keith Ball the owner of once edit Easyriders Magazine when it started? And you’re saying he’s normal?” I am standing by my statement.

If you want to read the whole tamale don’t miss the Weekend Round-Up in the Cantina. You’ll be blown away. Hope we don’t get in trouble with the President –Bandit