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5-Ball/Bikernet/Paughco Bagger Part 4

Editor’s Note: Life is nuts, and we’re all flying in multiple directions. I sincerely appreciate Paughco’s involvement in this project. Steve Massicotte, head of Product Development at Paughco, took to this project like a kid in a candy store. Every time I catch him on the phone he is pumped to the max about some aspect of this build.

Paughco, a historic custom motorcycle products company, is made up of diehard builders and enthusiasts. They don’t have any qualms at modifying Paughco products to test a new development and that’s constantly the case during this build.

They modified their classic Paughco frame configuration, the front fender mounting, and now we are playing with rear fender rails and fender mounting. Steve, determined to mount a classic ribbed fender, dug through swap meets and found a OEM flip fender. “These fenders were made from ’58-’72,” Steve said. “This is actually the last year of the flip ribbed fender for swing arm frames.”

Following is Steve’s description and notes about our progress:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since we used the OEM early Springer front fender with the beaded edge on the side that defines the top and side skirts we wanted to do the same on the rear fender. the early 1958-72 FL 4-speed fender has this same defining beaded edge.

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