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By August 24, 2020General Posts


When Harley Davidson began producing the Sportster in 1957 it became an instant legend, and it has been produced continuously since. The heart of the beast is the 45 degree V-Twin overhead valve engine which evolved from its predecessor, the side valve flathead. Popular in its day, to say the least, it has become one of the most collectible of the post-war Harleys. This flawless example was restored by recognized Harley Zen Master Chris Pratt. Every minute detail of the restoration has been documented with photos and receipts. Essential to a collectible bike’s value, is that every part on the bike is original, and on this gem nothing was missing when the restoration began, and nothing has been replaced. There are only break in miles on the bike since restoration, so it is as flawless today as when it left Mr. Pratt’s shop last year. The cost of sourcing a good original Sportster and restoring it to this level would conservatively be double this sale price.

Price is firm at $35,000.