Bikernet Book Review: The Last Chicago Boss

… Being an event photographer and working rallies and runs, part of my work is observing people. I think that is a big part of the draw to me. Watching the MCs in action, observing their rituals, taking it all in taught me a lot about the culture. You don’t hear the conversations, which is for the best, but you get the jest. You see the respect that is paid to the leaders. You learn how they protect each other, who is the watch man and who is the senior in the group. You see the place the women take. You see the disdain of civilians and hang arounds, with hang arounds rating slightly higher as they are a source of income.

Peter “Big Pete” James tells his story progressing up the ranks of the MCs in Chicago. He brings to life many of the situations I have encountered with the MCs and goes so much further…
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