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This is a week for planning. We are scrambling in many directions, but we always need plan B. We will tear into the 1928 Shovelhead this weekend and see if we can make it Sturgis run ready.

I need a backup for my Sturgis ride. Because of Born Free, my Panhead engine rebuild is slow going.

The factory Racer is running, but may need some fucking with. We are going to make it more rideable with some more Paughco Vintage components.

This week we have news from Le Pera, S&S, ABATE, Tennessee, Loretta, MetalSport, NRA, Trailblazers, Buffalo Chip, Indian and DucatiMetalSport, NRA, Trailblazers, Buffalo Chip, Indian and Ducati. Click here to read it all.


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Last week was Smoke Out Action on the east coast. This week it’s Born Free Weekend with builders coming from all over the world.

Dave Polgreen and his almost finished Knuckle. Beautiful!


Mike Lichter, shooting for Easyriders, and I hit it over to the Vard Manufacturing shop in Santa Ana where guys from all over the country and even a builder from Sweden put the final touches to their bikes for the show.

Jeff kicking Dave’s scooter to life.


Some were actually assembling their bikes on the spot. I was edgy about being in this organized but small shop when guys are trying to concentrate on their annual goal. Most were invited builders. Three of the bikes were big twins (two Knuckleheads) in modified single loop VL frames. Dave Polgreen, partners with Jeff Leighton in the Wretched Hive Bike Shop (also Vard). Dave pored fluids in his beautiful Knucklehead for the final start up with dual chromed Linkerts, while we were there and on hand. Amazing bikes and a couple of years ago folks said choppers were dead—Never.

Mike Silvio, Cycle Mos, in Tennesse stopped by to deal with a 45 primary chain issue.

Swedish builder finishing up.


Martin Carlgren of Ringo Chop Shop, Gothenburg, Sweden worked assembling the one-off Husgarvana engine from the ’40s. It still wasn’t done, but he smiled while pushing forward on his amazing build. Andy Carter from Pangea Speed, in Salt Lake City with 80-inch ULH flathead tuned his slick chop for sea level riding.

His handmade custom narrow glide reminded me of Andy Hansen’s first full-on custom in 1970. He rough engraved some of his components and I quizzed him. I’m thinking about engraving something on my Panhead with the help of my grandson who can make a tattoo template. Hang on for more reports.

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It’s Fathers Day this weekend, another goddamn holiday when I would rather be in the shop working on my Sturgis Panhead. Builders all over the southland and around the country are scrambling to finish bikes for the Smoke Out, Born Free or another rockin’ show.

Sure, I want to honor my father who passed away at 86. He was a WWII vet, a Seabee, and a Korean War vet. He spent 11 years in the Navy as a machinist and became a chief. He was boot tough and rattlesnake mean. He never backed down to anyone and offered to fight to the death if fucked with.

He wouldn’t give up, ever, except when it came to alcohol. For over 40 years he worked in the oil fields and walked away without a pension. Our neighbors were terrified of him, although learned to love him as he aged.

Speaking of Father's Day, check the new lighter prices on 5-Ball racing leathers. Just click and go.
Speaking of Father’s Day, check the new lighter prices on 5-Ball racing leathers. Just click and go.

In today’s society, unless you are Muslim, fathers get the wrong end of the stick. Fathers were once the breadwinners, the guys who made the household happen. Much has changed and not always for the better. Now, in many cases mom is the breadwinner and who suffers, the kids. They don’t have a mom, and dad got pissed off and hit the road. So, they don’t have a mom or a dad. Oh, bitchin! Oh, never mind.

I’m fortunate, in many respects. My folks hung together until the end. So, here’s to Father’s Day and all the Fathers who hung out.

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The mysteries of life abound.A scientist, years ago, did an experiment on human behavior. He showed two cards to a group of people. One person was the subject, but the rest of the group were set up. The answer was obvious and at first the guy pointed out the obvious answer. But slowly the group pointed to the wrong answer.

In 75 percent of the cases the subject ultimately sided with the group and not the correct answer. Think about that for a minute and the ramifications on some of the issues we currently face. Incredible.

Maybe, if we said, ‘Think Freedom First,” enough, folks would re-tune themselves.

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Cantina Episode 76: Bike Thefts

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Marko blasted back to the Cantina. Nothing bothered him more than a brother getting his bike stolen. This brother, Bart, was a big stout machinist union member who had fallen on hard times. He was once well off, but a nasty divorce and the 2008 collapse left his engineering business in shambles, so he returned to the grubby coast.

Everything slipped downhill for Bart except his creative spirit and knowledge. Everything he did was top notch, from his Softail to his Corvette and the boat he ended up living on in the Port of Los Angeles. His big brown eyes were full of deep concern when he explained his problem to Marko.

“I recently had rototator cuff surgery and I’m living off disability,” Bart said, and showed Marko a shot of his glistening, custom-painted Softail. “It was locked but not chained.”

His story went on and on. He didn’t park it in the motorcycle only parking area and Margaret only found sparse video footage of that area of the Cantina parking lot. Marko listened intently for clues while big Bart rolled on about his racecars in storage, his machine tools in the back of a Bakersfield, California, machine shop, and his furniture in a garage behind a house in Fresno. He had shit stashed in unsecured or partially secured locations throughout the Central Valley.

Bandit received a call from the Redhead of Redheads at the Pacific Marina.

“There’s been a flurry of thefts in this area,” she said. “It’s mostly trucks or trailers full of belongings and tools, probably meth head thieves.”

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Grab your Cantina membership here.

HIGH SPEED BIKERNET Weekly News for June 1, 2017

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Incredible, June 1, 2017, the year is half over.Hell, we just got started. Big events are headed our way, including the Smoke Out and Born Free. Hang on for Sturgis and Bonneville.

It’s been an amazing week, and I’m not sure which direction to turn. So much exciting shit is happening around the industry. I wanted to say some good and some bad, but it’s all change. Change forces reconfiguration for the better, if the leadership is prepared and open for new and exciting avenues.

This week we have non-stop two-wheeled news from the MRF, Florida, Cycle Source, Deny, Trailblazers, Atomic Bob, Las Vegas Bike Fest, Smoke Out, Sturgis, you name it! Click here to read it all.


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I had one of those super exciting days this week. Actually, the week was packed with twists and turns. The Easyriders magazine group stumbled, when it didn’t need to, and that was bothersome. Easyriders represented so much to so many of us for decades. It’s disturbing. It once represented honesty and a movement for freedom, and in some cases it still does.

Then the rest of the week unfolded as I worked with my grandson, Frankie, on his Dyna and we made pure progress and I muddled around the shop working on my Panhead Project for Sturgis. I’ll try to write a report next week.

I made serious headway on my Hamster sculpture. And I was able to help a local brother, James, the tile man with his Dyna. Shortly, this puppy will be ready for clay. That’s a medium I know nothing about. We’ll see. You know the adage: Time will tell and shit will smell.


Uncle Monkey will relate to this. Everything fell into place with my Panhead project, and it went to Paint with Denny 528 yesterday. I know he’s building a bike for Born Free and I’m excited to see it. Actually Deny came to the headquarters and as an artist was moved by my art efforts as I am blown away by his.

He said, “I don’t want to be known as a painter.” I thought to myself: This guy is a master at what he does and completely unique in this industry. We will hopefully bring you a feature of his 1946 Indian he restored, but made it look unrestored. Amazing.

Click here for the article.

NCOM Coast To Coast Biker News for May 2017

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Like “The Biggest Little City in the World,” this year’s 32nd annual NCOM Convention in Reno NV may have experienced a slight reduction in numbers, but it continues to be the largest gathering of bikers’ rights advocates on the planet with hundreds of representatives from Motorcyclists Rights Organizations (MROs), clubs and associations across the country.

The National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM) board of directors moved to broaden the spectrum of programs aimed to assist bikers’ rights groups while expanding outreach to active segments of the motorcycling community such as the Confederations of Clubs, women riders, clean & sober, Christian Unity, sportbikers, tourers and veterans. The NCOM Legislative Task Force likewise took action to provide supportive services on the legislative front, while the Aid to Injured Motorcyclists (AIM) nationwide network of biker attorneys continually develops new strategies for litigation on a litany of motorcycling issues.

See the rest here. This month we have info on the NCOM convention, anti-profiling, congressional motorcycle caucus, handlebar height law and attempted sex with a motorcycle.

5-Ball Racing Bagger/Paughco Project–Part 7

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We slowed down a bit, but the Paughco team is very active, attending most of the major shows around the country and Born Free ’17 is coming right up. Can you believe it 2017. It seems like yesterday 2000 hit us.

The Paughco crew is the master of vintage, supplying the world with classic chopper parts for over 45 years. But let’s stay focused on this effort. Steve Massicotte contacted me with a handful of the latest shop photos.

Kirk Taylor (Custom Design Studios) will be the master behind the custom paint job.


Read more here.

Indian Motorcycle Expands Chieftain Limited Color Options

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Indian Motorcycle has just expanded its range of paint color options for the new Chieftain Limited (read our first ride review). Since launching just over a month ago, the Chieftain Limited has become the fastest-selling bagger in Indian Motorcycle history.
Joining the Chieftain Limited in Thunder Black are four additional paint color options, including Silver Smoke, White Smoke, Star Silver over Thunder Black and Wildfire Red over Thunder Black. Priced in the U.S. from $24,999 to $25,699, the Chieftain Limited’s new colorways will be available at U.S. and Canadian dealerships starting in the middle of June.
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