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I watched a documentary on the brain with some interesting test tricks. It spoke a lot about focus, and it also promised some surprising results and helpful hints at the end, but somehow it lost focus and ended.

Yes, we have too many things fucking with our focus daily. And yes, there are companies trying to take advantage of our inability to stay focused. So, what can we do to simplify our lives and stay focused on what’s most important? You got me, but I’m working on it. If I come up with any startling results, I will certainly pass them on.

Actually, our brother Bob T. has all the answers. Go hide out in the desert with a woman, a couple of motorcycles and a bottle of whiskey.

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NCOM Coast To Coast Biker News for April 2017

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In a rare bipartisan effort, motorcyclists are getting a very special form of representation in the U.S. Senate as two Senators are reaching across the aisle to establish the first Senate Motorcycle Caucus. Kickstarting this unique legislative road trip, Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) and Gary Peters (D-Michigan), both lifelong motorcyclists, will serve as co-chairs of the caucus, which will advocate on behalf of both motorcycle riders and manufacturers.

Sen. Ernst said her concern for motorcycles and motorcyclists started when she was a child. “Some of my most cherished memories include motorcycles, from delivering messages as a young girl to my dad while he was working out in the fields, to riding through the rolling hills of Northeast Iowa with family and friends,” Ernst said. “Throughout my 99 county tour of Iowa, I have heard from many of these folks about some of their priorities, including improving safety, infrastructure and energy efficiency. These concerns are shared by folks across our great state and country, and I look forward to working with Sen. Peters toward solutions.”

Sen. Peters bought his first motorcycle at age 11. “I’ve loved motorcycles since I was a kid, and I started a newspaper route to buy my first motorcycle at age 11. To this day, I believe there is no better way to see Michigan’s beautiful scenery than by bike, whether I’m riding to meet with constituents and small businesses or taking my bike out on the weekend,” Peters said. “Motorcyclists come from all walks of life, and I can’t think of a better way to bring together a diverse and dedicated group of advocates to discuss everything from safety concerns to manufacturing. I’m looking forward to working with Sen. Ernst as co-chair of the bipartisan Senate Motorcycle Caucus to foster these important discussions and find common ground with motorcycle lovers across the country.”

The rest of the NCOM biker news includes Tesla, Spyware, Distracted Drivers, Leather fight, and the NCOM convention.

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Harley-Davidson Rejects Military Wife’s Late Check

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A humble Harley Davidson dealership owner named Dennis Packee is going viral for a letter he wrote to a soldier’s wife. The soldier, named Christopher Walters, left his motorcycle in some rented space at Reiman’s Harley-Davidson before being deployed overseas. Christopher’s wife, Jaime, was supposed to stay on top of payments for the storage space while he was gone, but she recently fell behind.

Jaime sent in a check with her husband’s payment along with an apology note explaining why she was turning in the payment late. When Dennis saw Jaime’s note, he refused to accept her money.

“You send that money back to her!” he told his office employee. “I never, ever!”


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Some weeks are damn exciting like this one. I have the chance to help a brother get a job in the industry. I’m working on his resume. I’m working on Hugh King’s Chopper King Chopper sale. The Trailblazers banquet is Saturday. I’m introducing a couple of race fans to the club.

We are working on Grandson Frankie’s Dyna today getting ready to take the sheet metal to paint. I’m working with a photographer to launch his vintage motorcycle print business. And of course I’m helping the Redhead of Redheads.

Warren Buffet recommends as least two sources of income. The first is your job, then second could be by purchasing a home and fixing it up. Or you could build another motorcycle. Once you can take care of yourself, help your brothers and sisters whenever possible.

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I rode to Arizona Bike Week with a couple of brothers, to the Hamster Dry Heat Run and traffic Hell and back. The traffic in Phoenix and Scottsdale was worse at noon on Thursday than Santa Monica on a Friday afternoon, and SM is the worst when it comes to LA congestion.

Had to find a place to rest.

Lane Splitting is illegal in Arizona where a moderate afternoon is over 90 degrees and you can smell your clutch smoking. It doesn’t make any sense not to allow lane splitting in Arizona. In fact, there are three motorcycle groups in Arizona fighting to change the law, one group is promoted by a shop named Land Splitters Garage. Miguel, a Hamster, is the proprietor and devoted to changing the law.

I gave him my pitch to find someone who can afford a state-wide awareness campaign to let motorists know and understand how lane-spitting helps them. It’s also a safety issue and reduces traffic. Give Miguel a call at (602) 253-4548 or check out their shop on line.?



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I’m scrambling to ride out of town, sort out a business deal, help my grandson fix his Dyna, and get his FXR registered, make progress on my 1916 Sculpture project, write three articles, deal with accounting, feed the dogs, and what the hell did I do? I started to build another Harley.


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I was jammed in traffic, and it dawned on me. If more folks rode motorcycles, they would have more fun commuting and get home way faster.

What if the transportation gurus looked at extreme traffic and said can we take traffic off the roads? Can kids walk to school, if they went to community schools? Could they ride bikes? Could we sweep out front so we could eliminate street sweepers? The Port of Los Angeles is trying to eliminate trucks with more rails. What else could be taken off the streets?


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Bikernet Bike Build: BETSY’S REVIVAL STORY Part 2

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     Once that trailer gate hit the driveway back at home I could see tired ol’ Betsy begging for another chance at life! As I walked around the trailer she lay resting after the 1500 mile journey back. I assessed the impending task of making this Ol’ girl right again.
“Rode hard and put up wet,” I said to myself thinking of all the journeys and adventures she served Scooter Tramp Scotty through. As I took in every line every worn out part of this soul serving machine I tried to imagine all the places she saw, all the landscapes, the women who made passenger, the endless white lines stretched for over half-a-million miles. The nomadic vessel of freedom that is this motorcycle I now have the honor of sorting out to make whole again.
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Years ago…

Early summer was upon us and perfect weather oversaw this journey as the two heavily loaded motorcycles picked their way slowly through the strikingly green forests of one small Virginia highway. Behind my aging Electra Glide Michelle followed on her old Honda Shadow.

Five years earlier, having never ridden a motorcycle before, Michelle had paid $700 for that bike, practiced on it for a week, loaded her worldly possessions aboard, then hit the road. She’s been a technically homeless motorcycle vagabond ever since and is the only full time female drifter I know. Most often Michelle travels alone, but on occasion, as was this day, we enjoy the opportunity of riding together for a while.

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