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Loretta Lynn on Stage to Welcome Event-Goers to her Ranch!

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 Wednesday October 11, 2017 (Hurricane Mills, TN) The Tennessee Motorcycles and Music Revival throttled into Hurricane Mills, TN September 28 -October 1, for it’s inaugural year and delivered an event of top quality production, with a grass roots southern hospitality feel. Guests are saying this was a “class act event” revolving around all things motorcycle, music and camping.
The event hosted motorcycle riders of all makes and models at one of the most storied and beautiful ranches in the great state of Tennessee, Loretta Lynn’s Ranch.
Attendees enjoyed live music at multiple locations within the ranch including top acts such as; Ben Haggard, the youngest son of late country music legend, Merle Haggard, legendary John Anderson, who kicked off the first night by performing some of his top hits from the more than 40 singles he’s charted over his 30 year career. Also performing was Tim Montana, who spent the past year touring with ZZ Top and Kid Rock. Last spring, Tim’s collaboration song with Billy Gibbons “This Beard Came Here to Party,” became a soundtrack to the Nashville Predators’ NHL Stanley Cup run. Taking the stage on Saturday night was Jared Blake, a motorcyclist himself, who performs at rallies across the country, a wider audience knew him as a contestant on the first season of The Voice, reaching top 4 on Blake Shelton‘s team.
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WARRING SUNDAY POST for October 22, 2017

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We’re living through strange times.Give me your thoughts on the following. Here’s what the Wayfarer said, “Leave Trump alone. Forget climate change. Just focus on cool builds and new technology. Get the politics out of the coverage on the website. It is like one drop of bacteria that makes the whole bucket of water un-digestable.”

He can be a tad harsh, but I got it. Then I received the Bill Bish monthly legislative report. Could we go a month and not fight for freedom and just pretend we live in Disneyland. It’s tough to do, although I suppose some magazines do it. Let me know your thoughts, good or bad.


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It’s Biketoberfest Weekend in Daytona. I constantly have discussions with folks about the industry. Some folks are crying and others are jumping up and down. It’s confusing as hell, but more motorcyclists and events are coming on line daily. Maybe that’s good and maybe it cuts the pie in too many directions.

There are more builders than ever before. At one time, I knew most of the builders in the world, now I don’t. I will start my Las Vegas story next week. I thought Las Vegas kicked ass even after the terrible shooting.

I tried to reach out to Jim Betlach, who is working with Shelly Rosemeyer of Daytona Harley on the lot across the street and he was too busy to chat. I hope that’s a great sign that Biketoberfest is cooking.

And every year the Tropical Tattoo Bike Show sponsored by Bikernet and Cycle Source gets bigger. Don’t miss it.

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The Denier’s Sunday Post for October 15, 2017

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We live is such strange times.It’s like elementary school principles have taken over the academic and governmental world. They want everything to be safe and they want to control everything. They will make up any excuse. With helmet laws they used the public burden issue. It was bullshit.

The 5-Ball factory racer is back in the shop thanks for Jay and his family, who hauled it back from Vegas.
The 5-Ball factory racer is back in the shop thanks for Jay and his family, who hauled it back from Vegas.

And now they use the planet as there excuse to control everything that rolls and even your barbecues. And anyone who disagrees is a denier. I know guys in the industry who make cams, who are afraid to say anything.

The not-so-funny thing about all of this is the notion of a Free Society. At the end of the day if we recognize freedom, all these issues find balance. But when the bastards throw freedom out the window problems start.

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Outlaw Bikernet Weekly News for October 12, 2017

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We witness change everyday sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worst.For instance, I grew up in the ‘50s. My parents were violent and men were tough or died trying in WWII and Korea.

We were outlaws. We didn’t have any inclination to have families. It was all about the next ride and adventure. Brothers rode, escaped, surfed, built hot rods, climbed mountains and dealt drugs. Maybe that’s why we have a severe homeless population. They had no desire for family or the trapping of what once was a restrictive prison.

Maybe the pendulum has swung to the other side and young outlaws want families and all the trappings of comforts because it’s seen as fun and that’s a very good thing. But can us old outlaws understand?

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When Lions Roar…Again

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Like some hulking artifacts from a lost civilization, you’re passing through canyons of steel shipping containers and rivers of railway tracks as you thread your way through an area of Los Angeles adjacent to Long Beach known as the Wilmington District. You could say buried under those artifacts is another “civilization,” one that was based on acceleration and terminal velocity. Sadly it has been long since paved over with… “Progress.”

Once upon a time, specifically from October 1955-December1972, the ground shook not necessarily from the freight trains rumbling to and fro, but from hi-octane fed cars burning up the quarter mile on a famous all-American raceway called Lions Drag Strip that had been built on an abandoned train marshalling yard. While indeed it often sounded like a pride of lions was on the loose, the track was so named because of its sponsors, the equally famous Lions Clubs International who had collaborated with an L.A. judge in seeking a safe place for kids to vent their need for speed. Following the mantra, build it and they will come, some 10,000 young hotrod fans showed up for the first day of racing with some 300 cars taking up the challenge.

Fortunately for all, Lions was expertly managed by the one and only Mickey Thompson, a name synonymous with motorsport. He also brought hi-energy showmanship, and in 1957 added night time lights to the raceway, something not seen before, therefore further increasing attendance. And it was all certified by the American Hot Rod Association (AHRA), in the process quickly earning the rep as one of the country’s top venues.

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I want to tell you the ultimate formula for success. It’s all about working with you’re group and helping out whenever possible. It’s not about power or profits.

I’ll give you a for-instance. Harley represents freedom to so many of us, but they haven’t always followed the code. They restricted their dealers at every corner and tried on numerous occasions to eliminate the aftermarket.

Now, that we’re facing tough times and ridiculous regulations and even the potential of being banned, they start a freedom campaign. I’m not trying pound on Harley. I’m excited to see how they will handle these efforts.

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25 Best Motorcycle Movies Ever!

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Movies inspire us and move us visually and emotionally to seek new lifestyles, new careers and new opportunities. If you are looking to fuel your passion for your next biker run or new motorcycle tour, have a look at these movies.

The art of adventure and motorcycling are the two wheels that roll through all roads. The level of freedom and excitement that is felt on a bike is unique, so it’s no surprise that motorcycling has been the subject of many films over the years.

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Orange County Choppers, the most famous maker of extraordinary, one of a kind motorcycles – “choppers” – has just revealed a spectacular Texas Strong bike that will be sold at auction on October 12 in Houston. NYC-based Guernsey’s will be conducting the event with auction proceeds going to support the Peace of Mind Foundation and those whose mental health has been severely impacted by Hurricane Harvey. The 6 pm auction will be held live at Gallery Furniture, 6006 North Fwy. Bidders unable to attend can participate on or

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