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In this harried world this is the week to give thanks and to think about your year and those who have helped out.

I piss and moan about the government and regulations, and I contend they don’t get the mantra, Freedom. But on the other hand, America is wonderful, full of resources, friends, open roads and cool motorcycles. I should reword that. It’s not just America but the motorcycle community all over the world.

Bikers, builders, dirt bike riders and racers understand Freedom and love it. We work together, share resources, fight for freedom and struggle together. I want to thank all the Biker’s Rights members and leaders for keeping us in the game. I want to thank all the manufacturers for their efforts to share motorcycling with a younger audience.

I want to thank all our readers, all the creative builders out there, all the bike show promoters and all the custom parts manufacturers who are struggling but doing what they love.

I had a meeting with Hugh King regarding another build-off series but with a twist. We are going to take a guy’s bike and alter it. No ground-ups to begin with. We are going to celebrate craftsmen all over the world. Thank you, and everyone for the love of two-wheeled freedom forever!


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GIVE THANKS SUNDAY POST for November 19th, 2017

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Damn, it’s already that time of the year and the holidays will be gone in a flash.I will give pause all week long to give thanks to all the people who have been a wonderful part of my life this year. We’ve accomplished so much on Bikernet, with bikes, with our headquarters and with the adventures we’ve had the privilege to be apart of. It’s amazing.

That Thanks includes all of our Cantina Subscribers.

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QUICK, BIKERNET WEEKLY NEWS for November 16, 2017

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What a week? It’s been a scramble and it’s not over. The IMS Long Beach Show is this weekend. Lots of folks in town for the show and we’re having a builder’s party at the headquarters.

I’m not much of a bartender, but I’m doing my best to prep for the builder’s, industry and Hamsters. We will cover the show, give you a report on the industry and tell you about any new models to hit the crowded streets.

It’s never dull.

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Targeted For Existing: Where Pop Culture Ends and Real Life Begins for America’s Bikers

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When I first spoke with “Professor Blade” I noticed a subtle accent; “Former British Army” he informed me, though he now resides in the San Diego area. In addition to his accent, I noticed he was remarkably polite and articulate, which isn’t surprising given his career as a middle school teacher and college professor. What IS surprising however, is the fact that this man was recently arrested, charged with a felony and held on a $125k bail. So why was this man, former military and college educator without any criminal record arrested? He says he was profiled by California State police, simply because he was riding a motorcycle.

Though entertaining, bikers openly mock the hit TV show, “Sons of Anarchy” which portrays a fictional outlaw motorcycle club as murderers, rapists and drug addicts who all use excessive violence to get what they want. Unfortunately, for the 8 million Americans who ride, perception can be reality. Professor Blade and members of his motorcycle club “The Chosen Few” know this all too well. He says he and his fellow club members have been targeted by local law enforcement for years. “There’s a bar we all go to pretty regularly,” Professor Blade tells me. “The night I was arrested I was there for a party for friend who is in the marines. When we arrived, I could see police staked out across the street from the bar, just watching and waiting.”

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REMEMBER SUNDAY POST for November 12, 2017

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I had a thought.You know me, I can’t stop. Are government officials elected to protect you or protect your freedoms?

It also dawned on my feeble brain that the best way to get votes is to pay for them. If you give people money and free health care they should be all yours. What’s that called, something like a payoff.

It’s all nuts. See the news for more whacky shit.

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Bikernet Book Review: The Last Chicago Boss

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… Being an event photographer and working rallies and runs, part of my work is observing people. I think that is a big part of the draw to me. Watching the MCs in action, observing their rituals, taking it all in taught me a lot about the culture. You don’t hear the conversations, which is for the best, but you get the jest. You see the respect that is paid to the leaders. You learn how they protect each other, who is the watch man and who is the senior in the group. You see the place the women take. You see the disdain of civilians and hang arounds, with hang arounds rating slightly higher as they are a source of income.

Peter “Big Pete” James tells his story progressing up the ranks of the MCs in Chicago. He brings to life many of the situations I have encountered with the MCs and goes so much further…
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I’ll try this again. Don’t forget Daylight Savings Time and roll back your clocks.

I rode my new/old Panhead again yesterday. Dr. Hamster picked up his rebuilt Pan engine from Bennett’s Performance yesterday and brought it to the shop. We’re getting close to starting to assemble this classic.

I moved Frankie’s Dyna from the back lift to the lift I use for my bike builds. It’s wider and has better lighting. On Monday we will mount the new, beautiful Saddlemen seat, run new front, dual disc brake lines, and install the new Brass Balls Air Cleaner.

I will work on a piece around the final assembly of my Pan next week and might even start the next Cantina Episode. There’s a lot of action swimming around the industry right now. Let’s hit the news as I try to collect my thoughts.

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I’m watching a series of lecturers on inventions and it’s amazing. One of the first inventions was pottery, which led to the pottery wheel and to motorcycle wheels.

Of course, one of the next major inventions was beer and wine. Had to have something to pour into the pottery. But there’s a fascinating one still not addressed in our society today. We can now document the history of the universe, but our sewer systems, which are still not available to 1/3 of the earth’s population (which means contamination and disease), is still not as good as the one established by the romans.

So, what the fuck? They can regulate the hell out of us, when they should take a serious look at our wasteful sewer system and figure out a way for using something other than valuable fresh water to flush toilets. Amazing.

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CARBERRY ENFIELD produces a 1000cc V-twin engine

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Carberry Motorcycles has released a 1000 cc V-Twin Engine priced at Indian Rupees 4,96,000. Australia’s Carberry Motorcycles has revealed its first made-in-India 1000 cc Royal Enfield based V-Twin engine and will initially be available for exports, existing Carberry bike owners or for display purpose.

Australia’s custom Royal Enfield bike builder, Carberry Motorcycles opened shop in India earlier this year and has now officially released details on its first made-in-India 1000 cc V-Twin Royal Enfield engine. For those who know about the company, the builder produced custom 1000 cc V-Twin engines based on 500 cc RE units and moved operations to India for easier manufacturing process.



Started by Paul Carberry, the first India-made Carberry 1000 cc V-Twin cruiser will be revealed later this year. Carberry Motorcycles currently operates out of Bhilai, Chattisgarh and will soon move operations to Pune, Maharashtra, a neighbouring city to financial capital Mumbai city. This unique engine, the motor is now ready for sale and includes the primary drive and the transmission. There’s a seven-plate clutch with strengthened primary chain, 5-speed transmission, hydraulic lifters and a heavy crankshaft. Carberry has added a heavy-duty starter motor and the clutch designed is that for a 2-litre car engine.

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