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Congress Passes Five-Year Highway Bill, Including Big Wins For Motorcyclists

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From AMA

Congress passed a five-year $305 billion highway bill Dec. 3 that includes several big wins for motorcyclists.


“Some of these issues — such as motorcycle-only checkpoints and recreational trails funding — are ones we have been battling for several years, and it is a major victory to get language in the highway bill that meets our goals,” said Wayne Allard, AMA vice president of government relations.

The Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act includes:

Continued funding for the Recreational Trails Program, which provides funding to states for maintaining, improving and expanding off-highway recreational opportunities;
A prohibition against using federal funds for discriminatory motorcycle-only checkpoints;
Reestablishing a Motorcyclist Advisory Council to coordinate with and counsel the U.S. Department of Transportation administrator on specific infrastructure concerns to motorcyclists;
Funding of highway safety grants that include programs to reduce distracted driving, including language that make it easier for states to successfully qualify for and receive the money;
Measures to ensure privacy and security in vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure technology; and
No expansion of pilot programs to place tolls on the nation’s existing interstate highways under the Interstate System Reconstruction & Rehabilitation Pilot Program.
With AMA support, administration of the Recreational Trails Program moved from the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP), which was eliminated, into a separate standalone fund within the Federal Highway Administration.

“The new arrangement for the Recreational Trails Program provides more certainty and stability,” Allard said. “The TAP funding was a constant target for legislators who were looking for ways to cut programs that were not self-supporting. The RTP is funded by gas taxes paid into the Highway Trust Fund by off-highway-vehicle users, but was in jeopardy by being lumped in with the other TAP programs.”

The ban on federal funding of motorcycle-only checkpoints comes after eight years of battling this discriminatory and ineffective law-enforcement tactic, Allard said.

“Our focus now can shift to oversight, monitoring how law enforcement agencies use their federal funding, and to efforts at the state level to convince legislatures to prohibit these checkpoints,” Allard said. “But this move at the federal level means motorcyclists can once again travel our nation’s highways without the constant fear of being stopped just because of their choice of vehicle.”

The highway bill now goes to President Obama for his signature.

Paper Towel Motorcycle Art

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From Art News.


“Power,” not unlike a sheet of Bounty paper towels, “is disposable,” the artist Will Ryman told me over the phone earlier this week. Known for addressing politics through material metaphors, the artist has used this analysis as the basis for Freedom (2014), a sculpture recently unveiled in a quiet corner of the Shelborne Hotel bar.

Commissioned by hotel owners and art collectors Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos and Paul Kanavos, Freedom (2014) recreates the iconic pressed-steel forms of a Harley Davidson, down to the chain, gas cap, and texture of the leather seat, almost entirely in Bounty paper towels—approximately 20 rolls or so, fortified with resin and glue. Continue reading.

Bikernet Delivers: Le Pera Classic Solos

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The bike shown here belongs to Bob T. the Bikernet Chopper Editor, who bought a new ’71 Super glide and built this bike over the years. Back in the day we all wanted rigids and the first thing we did included swapping out the stock un-useable seat for a solo. No one makes more traditional sprung and unsprung seats better than Le Pera. Read more.

Küryakyn Krusader Horn Cover For Harley-Davidson

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21116_1350x900_RGB_72DPIThe factory “cowbell” horn cover on Harley-Davidson models stands out, but for all the wrong reasons. Set your ride free from the herd with the all-new Krusader Horn Cover from Küryakyn.

The Krusader is made from durable, high quality cast aluminum. Available in chrome or gloss black, riders can customize the aggressive styling with the included chrome or black mesh inserts to create a unified or contrast finish. Sharp lines and flowing contours create a uniform appearance that blankets the factory horn assembly and center of the V-Twin powerplant. Legroom is left intact thanks to the slim design that measures less than 2.5” deep. The direct replacement cover fits all ’96-’16 H-D models with the stock cowbell horn cover.

• P/N 7396 – Chrome, 7397 – Gloss Black, MSRP: $79.99


Can Your Motorcycle Do This?

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This 9-minute video showcases extreme rider Romain Jeandrot and his amazing skills at Motorcycle Gymkhana Parkour. No matter how many times you may have seen stunt riders burn rubber and act like a lunatic on two wheels, there’s always a dude ready to push the game a bit further. Romain is without a doubt an very skilled acrobat on two wheels. Enjoy!

Klock Werks’ Pro-Touring Flare Windshields Offer Wind Deflection for Rider & Passenger

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flare3Klock Werks’ Flare Windshield features improved air flow with the triple split-stream vents found on all ’15-Up Road Glides. Klock Werks original Flare Windshield was born on the Bonneville Salt Flats and wind tunnel tested for optimum air management. It features “hips” at its sides that re-route wind, adding downforce to the front-end of the motorcycle to improve stability over the stock windshield configuration, and a flip at the top that kicks the air up and back as clean, less turbulent air to rider and passenger.

“The very first Flare Windshield was designed for a Road Glide fairing on our Discovery Channel Biker Build Off winning bagger that I raced at the Bonneville Salt Flats,” said Laura Klock, VP of Klock Werks. “The Road Glide is positioned farther away from the rider, so it’s more of a challenge to direct the air all the way around the rider the passenger. Our Pro-Touring Flares are the right choice for optimum comfort. The added downforce vs riding with a stock shield is a bonus!”

The Pro-Touring Flare is a wider, more full-coverage option for riders and passengers that prefer the greatest amount of wind deflection. It’s the perfect choice for the long haul, but still looks sporty enough that you don’t need to purchase more than one shield for around town riding. Klock Werks Pro-Touring Flare for 2015+ Road Glides is offered in 12” and 15” heights and a variety of tint options. Finding the right fit when choosing your Flare is paramount to the best ride! You shouldn’t be looking too far over your windshield, nor should you be looking through it. The air management experts at Klock Werks are available to help you make the right choice, as well as direct you to many Try It locations across the US.

Other Flare options for ’15-Up Road Glide are the Sport Flare, a streamlined design with radical curves. The Sport Flare Tall (14”), or Sport Flare Low (9”) are available in Dark Smoke, Black, and Tint. All 2015+ Flare Windshield options DO fit the new 2016 models! All are manufactured in the USA from double sided hard coated polycarbonate material, not acrylic, for lasting durability and high quality.

All Klock Werks products are available online at and through your local Drag Specialties Dealer.