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CBXG-1 Trike Kit available for Harley Street 500 and 750 models.

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Elite Technologies USA, a corporate partner of Suspension Technologies, announced today they are shipping their CBXG-1 Trike Kit for Harley-Davidson Street™ 500 and 750 models. The kit is developed specifically for the Street platform and allows enthusiasts to enter the trike experience at less than half the price of a big twin model.

This light-weight kit, in conjunction with the optional Black Hill Series shocks, delivers a fine-tuned riding experience accommodating the additional weight and load capacity of the CBXG-1 Trike Kit.

The kit comes 85% assembled. It’s shipped with premium components, including anodized 6061-T6 (aircraft grade) aluminum axle housings and differential cage; heat-treated 8620 performance axles and high-load, tapered roller-bearings for durability; a powder coated swing-arm designed with high-strength, structural steel tubing; and midnight black painted fiberglass fenders.

“Elite Technologies USA mission-driven engineering operation, combined with our knowledge base from running NASCAR and NHRA suspension programs, assisted the team in developing one of the most responsive and fun-to-ride trikes in the market,” Mike Alex, Owner/Manager. “Our kit literally delivers more smile-per-miles than any trike out there.”

The CBXG-1 Trike Kit for Harley-Davidson Street™ 500 and 750 models are designed, engineered, and manufactured in Florida. Raw materials, lubricants, rods, bushings, and seals are sourced from the United States.

“Our CBXG-1 Trike Kit has met with significant interest in the Harley-Davidson community, with our first six kits delivered to Harley Davidson Tampa FL Dealership,” said Noah Jacobson, Owner/Partner. “Everything you love about rolling free we’ve engineered on three wheels.”

The brake rotor, caliper, and pulley are stock units from the Street™ and are pre-installed in the CBXG-1 Trike Kit. The kit requires no cutting or welding and is designed to allow the trike to be easily returned back to stock. A qualified technician can install the trike kit within 60 minutes. More info here.


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Fresh from Sam Inc. in India the packages arrived this week while painting, truck work, deadlines, and projects piled up. If you buy a leather from us you will also receive a Bikernet classic Bandana, plus a signed copy of Sam “Chopper” Orwell, a Ball novel about the future of motorcycling and Bikernet bling.–Bandit

The 5-Ball Pit Crew, Ballistic Nylon, light vest. Click to check the Leathers and books.
The 5-Ball Pit Crew, Ballistic Nylon, light vest. Click to check the Leathers and books.


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Get a famous Hal sticker with each order.
Get a famous Hal sticker with each order.

We have an amazing opportunity to release three Hal Robinson prints to the public with matching T-shirts.

Hal Robinson’s designs on tee’s and also as a separate print with a certificate of authenticity for someone on your holiday gift list who loves fine detailed drawing and magnificent Hal Robinson cartooning.


Click to buy a Hal T.
Click to buy a Hal T.


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This week became an amazing experience. It started with a conversation with a local sign painter and muralist. Before I spoke with him, my list contained Truck projects, writing projects, a Cycle Source Deadline, Salt Torpedo research and goals and then I spoke to Aubry the starving artist with five kids. Read more.

The new Harley-Davidson Dominion Collection

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The new Harley-Davidson Dominion Collection is here. The highly-customizable parts come in gloss black anodized and bronze powder coated base colors while featuring interchangeable trim pieces for almost unlimited styling options.

Riders start the selection process by focusing on their bike’s color scheme. Determine which Dominion base color will best complement the bike’s existing color scheme, gloss black anodized or bronze powder coated. Then it’s time to decide what will be personalized on the bike, options range from engine components all the way to foot controls.

Finish the personalization process by selecting insert accent colors. Brushed black, bronze powder coated, brushed orange anodized or brushed aluminum Dominion inserts are available as base components. Riders can also keep the machine’s aluminum finish for the upper rocker box, cam, transmission and derby covers.

Customize an even bolder looking bike by complementing the Dominion Collection with gloss black anodized or bronze powder coated hand grips, mirrors, fuel caps, axle, front and steering stem covers. The Dominion Collection offers fitment for Touring, Softail, Sportster and Street motorcycles.

Lifter Block Drain Holes for Panheads and Shovelheads

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Here is a hopefully helpful tip for you Panhead and Shovelhead owners or technicians.

When servicing the lifter blocks, observe the drain holes. If they are the small, single hole as pictured, drill them out as I have done, using an eighth inch (1/8″) aircraft extension bit.

Why the special bit? Because it is longer than a standard bit and will keep you from jamming yer’ dang drill chuck into the lifter block, tearing up your customers chrome or paint. Read more.

From the desk of Electra in the Ring

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In a hidden gem out in the desert, in the middle of nowhere, is an incredible concept…. Boxing! Real boxing, in the ring, cold beers, bags of snacks, what more could you want? To me, this was a dream come true. The Fantasy Springs Resort & Casino is not a scary creepy place like most California casino Œs. The vibe was good, & the fights were on.

Goldenboy Productions presents Thursday Night Fight Nights. These fight nights are a great opportunity for the boxers, the lovers of boxing, and for people at home, they can watch it on ESPN. We¹re still in a win win situation here.

Seven boxing matches is what was on the menu. Starting with 4 rounds of super lightweight’s was a nice warm up.
There were boxers from New York, Tijuana Mexico, the Philippines, Buena Park California, Coachella California and Amagasaki Japan!
The co main event was welterweights going for 8 rounds. Eddie Gomez out of the Bronx NY 21-3 (12 KOs) weighed in at 146 lbs. vs Shoki Sakai
22-8-2 (12 KOs) 145.8 lbs fighting out of Amagasaki Japan. These boxers went all eight rounds. Giving it all they had. This was not a dancing competition. These fighters boxed! No boo¹s from the crowd. Gomez from the Bronx leaves the ring victorious.

Now let¹s get to the main event.

Jason Quigley the pride of Donegal Ireland 14-0 ( 11 KOs) 159.6 lbs vs Freddy Hernandez 34-9 (22 KOs) 159.6 lbs. out of Mexico City Mexico.
Hernandez was aggressive and fighting in a very straightforward way. He had Quigley all around the edges of the ring all night long. However,
Quigley was landing some insane body shots to Hernandez’s left side, that I know is going to be hurtin’ for certain today. Quigley, an LA favorite, had quite a few fans in the crowd. They were stomping their feet, waving the Irish flag, and having a killer time. These boxers had incredible combinations and we’re fighting round after round. But what stands out, was Quigley unleashing masses of punches that were so fast it was pretty unbelievable. Quigley had also dominated in body punches.

Hernandez was badly swollen, cut and bleeding and bruised. When the score cards were announced there was a lot of booing in the audience, but I was
there. I watched the fight, and Jason Quigley was the better fighter last night, and remains undefeated. 98-92 98-91

Congratulations Jason Quigley, still the champ! Thank you for taking the time to read my article on last nights boxing matches. There’s a ton of boxing going on around the world, and I’m here to bring you the highlights!

Quigley in red. Photo by Brandon

The Legend Of Truett and Osborn

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Services for Bonnie Truett, 83, of Vian were held Monday, August 20, 2018 at 2 p.m. at Vian Baptist Church with Reverend Mike Martin officiating. Burial will follow with a “Final Ride” to Garden of Memories Cemetery in Vian. Services are entrusted to Forever Memories Funeral Services of Sallisaw. Read more.


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The 14th year of the annual Barber Vintage Festival was presented by the Triumph Dealers of North America at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama. There was a Fan Guide available. It had a schedule of events that was very helpful and informative.

The promotors said this was their best year to date with a record breaking 79,336 people in attendance over the 3-day event of October 5 to 7, 2018. Read more.